Lindsay Lohan Wants Nothing To Do With Her Half-Sister


This week, we heard some pretty ill news– in the case of Ashley Horn, Michael Lohan IS the father. Which means Lindsay Lohan has a new lil’ sis! Yeeahhhh! Or not. Not only was Trent devastated by the news of the ever-expanding Lohan family, but Lindsay doesn’t seem too psyched either. Click inside to see what she has to say about Ashley and the whole situation.

TMZ has the report:

Lindsay is telling friends, she’s 100% done with the “circus” that is her father Michael Lohan — and does NOT want to meet her half-sister Ashley.

TMZ broke the story … Michael took a DNA test on national TV to determine whether he fathered Ashley back in 1995 with a former mistress — and the results came back positive.

We’re told Lindsay has been aware of the paternity dispute for a while — since it’s been going back and forth for years — but did not know her father had taken a DNA test until we broke the story.

Lindsay has not communicated with Michael since he leaked the recorded phone call during her fight with Dina last month — and no longer wants anything involving him in her life, lovechildren included.

Lindsay says she’s doing much better now without her father’s drama — and she wants to keep it that way.

We’re told Lindsay has no ill feelings toward Ashley — but finds the entire situation “disgusting” … especially because Michael had the affair while he was still married to (and having kids with) Dina.

For his part, MiLo tells TMZ, “I am sorry to hear Lindsay feels that way. I met Ashley and she is a good kid. But we all have our choices to make in life, as well as our own prerogatives. Who knows, maybe someday things will change. Regardless, I want the best for all my kids.”

I can kinda see why Lindsay feels the way she feels and– even though that is her sister– she certainly doesn’t need any more drama in her life. And she probably feels like anything or anyone connected to her father = more drama. Not that her mother’s drama-free or anything like that…

What do you guys think? Is Lindsay right for giving Ashley the cold shoulder?


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  • Willak27

    who cares if they share dna, they are not sisters, i have a “half-brother” and never met him, never will, and that was like 16 years ago

    its you brother/sister if you grew up together, share memories, bully each other, fight, cry, doesnt matter if you are adopted half or full

    this “sister” is a stranger that shares dna

    • KLC

      Such a weird analysis you just made. Half-siblings don’t count because you just share DNA. You’re real siblings if you hang out and goof off throughout life whether adopted or full.

      If you share DNA like that you’re still siblings. Nothing will ever change that. If you don’t hang out, it doesn’t change the FACT that you are related.

  • Mel

    If the only thing they share is a parent they’re both better off without, why would it be so important for them to meet? Just to say, “OMG, our father’s a nutjob, let’s be besties!”? Plenty of people cut all contact with a whole branch of their families, and probably lose some decent relatives along with the crazy ones, but find the distance necessary for their own well-being – non-celebrities just don’t have to do it with the gossip media commenting on it.

    Side note – you know a family is massively screwed up when Dina Lohan is the more functional parent of the two. Is it any wonder the kids are a pile of hot messes?

  • Chris

    I love that Lindsay wants nothing to do with this girl. Like she’s the winner and everyone wants to hitch their wagon to her train. That poor girl just found out that she’s genetically half-crazy, does she really need Lindsay’s insanity added to the mix?

  • fab4runner

    I have one full brother, two half brothers, one half sister and two stepbrothers but to me, they are ALL my siblings and I love them all equally and treat them so. I think she is being incredibly unfair. It’s not as though this girl chose her parents or her upbringing, etc. She is Lindsay’s sister and she should treat her as such.

    I could not be happier with how my family operates and would have it no other way. It’s honesty as though this is how it was always meant to be. I could not imagine not having a relationship with one of my brothers or sisters, especially just because of who their mom or dad was.

    • Serena

      i totally agree with you fab4runner! I too have a full brother, a half sister and a step brother, and they all mean alot to me. I even consider my cousins to be like sisters to me. I dont see how it would hurt anyone if Lindsey just made a small effort to meet or get to know her half sister. I bet her half sister is kinda freaked out by all this ish-cray and it would probably make her feel better to try and make her feel at ease or welcomed. She didnt ask for this, so she shouldnt be “punished” by Lindsay saying that she wants nothing to do with her. I think it’s very mean of Lindsay to say this….words hurt.

    • juxnz

      I too grew up in a “blended” family – 3 half sisters and 2 full sisters, and I’ve close bonds with them all, especially my “one up” half-sister – she’s awesome!
      I hope when everything settles down and Lindsay and her family have had some quiet time to think about it, they make contact with Ashley – I’m sure this has been just as ghastly for her.

  • Monica

    How does Lindsay know that her half-sister wants anything to do with her? If anything is disgusting, it’s Lindsay Lohan……

  • KLC

    I still get a kick out of Ashley saying she doesn’t want to be a part of the trainwreck and then goes on national (?) TV to do a paternity tests. Even if everyone was sure Michael was my father, I’d just let it go. Seriously, who WANTS to be a Lohan?!