Jonah Hill Approves Of Channing Tatum As The ‘Sexiest Man Alive’


Just a few days ago we saw the new People magazine cover, featuring Channing Tatum as their Sexiest Man Alive for the year 2012. A lot of us agreed, some of us did not, and others were just pleased that the whole spread gave Trent a reason to post that one GLORIOUS pic of Adam Levine. LMAO. Anyhoo, Jonah Hill– friend and colleague of Channing Tatum– is apparently quite pleased with People’s choice and tweeted accordingly. Click inside for a better look at the twit pic definition of bromance… to the extreme.

Awww. So sweet… lol! I love Jonah and I love that he’s supporting his friend… in his own special way. This picture kinda reminds me of the comedic, tongue-in-cheek (or out-of-cheek) version of that awesome photo we saw yesterday of Michael Fassbender giving Ryan Gosling a massage. I can’t believe I just compared those two things, but there it is. Lots of man-lurve goin’ down and I’m kinda feelin’ it, lol!

How many of you feel like Jonah? Channing’s hot, but I just can’t get this Buzzfeed post out of my head…


  • nicole

    weird…i did the exact same thing with my copy. twinsies!

    • Shannon

      nicole, LMAO! Nice :)

    • kendra

      Me too! Except instead of licking the cover, I stuck it down my pants..Same difference..

    • nicole

      @kendra – you’re amazing haha