First Listen: Fiona Apple Releases A New Song For The ‘This Is 40′ Soundtrack


Judd Apatow has some serious heavy-hitters contributing to the soundtrack for his next movie This Is 40. Norah Jones, Yoko Ono, Paul McCartney, Paul Simon, Ryan Adams, Wilco, Jon Brion, and Fiona Apple will all be featured, many with brand new music. Fiona Apple’s Dull Tool is one of the new jams and it reminds me a little of Hot Knife, one of my favorite songs from her most recent album The Idler Wheel… Peep the song above! It’s Fiona… so the lyrics are, well, Fion-esque: You don’t kiss when you kiss/you don’t f*ck when you f*ck. Damn. I love this girl!


  • MM

    Not to quote Chris Brown because I loathe him but hearts all over the world – I love it! Have a feeling this will be one of those soundtracks that is better than the movie.

  • dan

    Apatow’s latest This Is 40 looks hilarious. Great cast and from what I’ve seen looks like its going to be a great soundtrack too! Been reading a lot about cameo’s from Graham Parker who I’ve always loved and it looks like a big year for him too with a new album out –