Eddie Redmayne Is Totally, Officially Hot


Yesterday I was gushing over those amazing photos of Leighton Meester in Flaunt magazine, and I stumbled across their interview with Eddie Redmayne. Well, to be honest, I skipped the interview and went straight to the photos. It was intense. He… is intense. Now normally I try to pick a hot guy who’s kind of a new face, or at least a newly-hot-to-me face, but I’ve been crushing on Eddie Redmayne for sometime. These photos really just confirmed what I’ve known for some time– that Eddie Redmayne is hot and he needs to go somewhere with all those freckles. Peep the gallery for more and click inside to celebrate the general awesome/hotness of this week’s Hot-Person-Who-I-Didn’t-Know-I-Was-[Really-Really]Into-Until-Recently!

Last week we had so much fun ogling the abs of Shaun T, but this week we’ve got a whole new hot guy and we’re trading in cray-cray abs for a set of lips that no English gentleman should actually possess. Sigh. Eddie… what are you doing to US?!

I first became aware of Eddie Redmayne’s hotness while innocently watching Natalie Portman, Scarlett Johansson, and Eric Bana in The Other Boleyn Girl. There I was, circa 2008, enjoying all the historical drama and the affairs and Eric Bana’s face… when this skinny freckle-faced HOT kid showed up. It was awkward, it was distracting, it was… awesome. But I wasn’t yet ready to come to terms with his hotness and I tried to focus on other matters, like how ScarJo’s body still looked insane in that frumpy white nightgown she wore to bed with the king.

A few years later he had the lead (alongside Michelle Williams) in My Week With Marilyn and I was all like, this kid again?! All up in my face?! Being… hot?! And, like, ridiculously talented?! Madness. Eddie Redmayne is just the best, and I get the sense that he’s smarter than… like… a lot of people. Check out this tiny excerpt from a piece he did with Interview Magazine:

Colman: Is there another time you could see yourself living in?

Redmayne: I kind of loved doing the Marilyn stuff set in the ’50s. One of the great experiences was shooting in Pinewood Studios. Michelle Williams was in Marilyn Monroe’s dressing room, and we were shooting in the studio where The Prince and the Showgirl was shot. In the studios next door, you had [the production of the fourth] Pirates of the Caribbean, and you wandered down this long corridor, and you would literally see a dismembered pirate come out of one door and some turn-of-the-century French something-or-other come out of another. There was an eclectic romance in shooting there. It also really reminded me of the romance of working in this industry where you meet all these people and become very close very quickly, and then you all spin away again three months later. That makes for some intoxicating friendships. None of my family works in this world, and they always question that side of it. I always try to describe making movies like summer camp, or some holiday where you spend all day, every day with a group of people whom you kind of love and then never see again.

I dunno. I mainly just shared that so you could read the eclectic romance line. That was hot. But no, seriously, he sounds so ridiculously smart. I love it!

I know Eddie Redmayne is not quite a household name, but he’s getting there. And he’s starring in Les Misérables!

Anybody else think he’s crazy hot?


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  • Amanda

    Yup! He’s lovely! I first saw him in Pillars of the Earth and have been sighing over him ever since!

    • Natalea

      Yes, he was amazing in Pillars of the Earth! But I just love me some Eddie Redmayne. If you haven’t seen his interview with Lynn Hirschberg for the Times on youtube, check it out. Sooo presh.

    • Ervin

      Ha Emma! That is funny that you mention that becasue I ended going to MTV to see the rest of the interview and interviewer actually made her finish her thought he told her no, finish your thought please! Ha! I feel bad for the dude sitting there with her, questions about Twilight and sexy Robert and the little nerdy boy she starred with is just sitting there like I was in this movie with Kristen can I answer a question too please!

  • katie

    Lol, I was just gushing over his dreaminess last weekend! I barely moved from the couch and watched a bunch of BBC miniseries on Amazon & Netflix. He was in 2 or 3 of them. He is a really great actor and so hot!

  • azked59

    i know this is mean, but his mouth REALLY creeps me out…

  • Erica Croce

    I was hoping you’d do this! He’s definitely worthy of one of these posts and…I just never knew it. I saw “The Other Boleyn Girl” back in the day and I honestly don’t remember him in it. But I sure as hell noticed him in that Les Mis featurette….he’s hot and under appreciated. But I like to think we can make it up to him…somehow.

    • Shannon

      Erica Croce, ‘he’s hot and under appreciated.’ YES! Lol, but we’re working on fixing that ;)

  • Drew

    Is that actually him on the Les Mis poster? Why did they airbrush his freckles away?!


    so fukn HOT! thanks for posting all these creamy pics.
    major sigh.

  • LaurenL

    I love him in the yellow handkerchief with Kristen Stewart, he is so amazing, She’s been quoted as saying he’s a really good person to which makes him all the more attractive!