Is Scarlett Johansson Creepin’ With Leonardo DiCaprio?


NOW, before we got and get all excited about this possible pairing, let me make it crystal clear from the start … this rumor that Scarlett Johansson and Leonardo DiCaprio are a new couple has NOT be confirmed and is being reported by only one source … by a publication in Australia. The pair have not (yet) been photographed together so … take this news with a grain of salt but … OMG, is it possible that ScarJo and Leo are TOTALLY HOOKING UP AND FALLING MADLY AND DESPERATELY IN LURVE WITH ONE ANOTHER?!?!

The two stars are both single at the moment, following Scarlett’s split from Nate Naylor and Leo’s separation from Victoria’s Secret Angel Erin Heatherton. They have known each other for some time, but never spent time together when they were single before now. The two are apparently growing close at the moment, with claims they met for a dinner date recently. “Last year, Scarlett read for the part of Daisy in The Great Gatsby and met Leo for dinner [the part eventually went to Carey Mulligan]. They had great chemistry but the timing wasn’t really right. Scarlett and Leo are bumping into each other a lot in New York and LA and sparks are flying,” an insider told Heat magazine. It’s thought the pair have been bonding over their love lives. Scarlett’s ex-husband Ryan Reynolds recently wed Blake Lively, who DiCaprio used to date. “Scarlett and Leo have known each other for a while – at least five years. Scarlett’s very involved in the Democratic Party and environmental issues, as is Leo,” the source added. But ScarJo might miss out again, with Leo reportedly also getting close to his The Wolf of Wall Street co-star Margot Robbie. The 22-year-old Aussie actress was the centre of attention at DiCaprio’s star-studded 38th birthday party last week.

I am always very dubious of reports like this and I tend to never trust a story where the phrase “sparks fly” is used … but I’m so intrigued by the idea of Scarlett and Leonardo as a couple that I felt compelled to share. Until we see the two of them in some sort of relative proximity, I think it would be wise to consider this news as mostly fiction. That said, the two of them are single at the same time and, well, wouldn’t they make a cute couple? I dunno … what do y’all think? Is there a possibility that ScarJo and Leo might actually become Hollywood’s Hottest New Couple or does this all just sound like wishful thinking to you?


  • Luna

    OMG i actually never thought of their pairing up a possibility until now!!!! They look really awesome together!!! Please let this be true!!!

    • JCZ

      Same here! It feels like they’ve been together for a while already, which is totally weird, but they just appear to be a couple that good together. And I like them both!

  • Megan

    I will forever keep hope for Leo and Kate!

    • Vicky

      They are really close friends apparently.

  • apriljan

    Isn’t it weird that they could possibly be hooking up? ScarJo was with Ryan Reynolds. Blake Lively was with Leo.

    It’s kind of like the whole Shania Twain thing.

    But hey, whatever makes you happy!

  • Maria Royse

    Only time will tell if they are a couple. Maybe they are just friends, that is true. WIsh both you luck Leo and Scarlet!