Frank Oceans Shares Photos Of His Rumored Boyfriend Willy Cartier


Earlier this year, singer Frank Ocean came out publicly as a gay man. Since that time, folks have been wondering if Frank had himself a boyfriend. Now, as gossipy as it sounds, I couldn’t help but be curious myself. Frank is a very attractive man and, well, it would be a crime if he were to be single. New photos of Frank posing with a male model named Willy Cartier seem to suggest that the guys are together … tho, neither one has said so explicitly. Check out the photos below of Mr. Cartier and read some deets about his reported relationship with Frank Ocean.

Frank Ocean may have revealed his current love interest. According to the blogosophere, Frank might be dating male model Willy Cartier. The Channel Orange singer has shared several photos of himself with the handsome model via Cartier’s Instagram. One photo shows the two on a GQ red carpet while another is of Willy playfully laying in the trunk of a car and the duo appearing to be meditating. The androgynous Willy has quite a modeling portfolio. Originally from France, he’s appeared for designers like Jean-Paul Gaultier, Willy & Dudley and Girbaud.

Now, to be fair, I believe the only “proof” that these two guys are together is that they’ve been photographed together … but as you can see above, Willy has also been photographed with Kanye West and Karl Lagerfeld. I guess we can’t know for sure if these two are a couple or not but dman, if they are, well done! Every since I was introduced to Ocean’s music earlier this year, I’ve always hoped that he’d find the love that he desperately desires. Whether or not he is getting that love from Willy Cartier or someone else, I hope he’s happy. Frank Ocean is a terribly talented man. Wouldn’t it be great to know for sure that he is crazy in lurve?

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  • Randal

    Not to sound superficial, but Congrats to Frank for getting a hot ass FRENCH male model.

    • Shannon

      Randal, LMAO! I concur.

  • nicole

    get it in Frankie! he’s cute!

  • Gwadalife

    plz confirm or deny it !!!!! ppl will stop speculatin’ !

  • colette

    Willie is straight