First Listen: ‘Scream & Shout’ By Britney Spears & Leaks To The Internets


Yesterday we learned that Britney Spears and are planning to release their new single Scream & Shout on Monday. Late last night, the full song leaked to the Interwebs courtesy of the blog Love B. Scott. I’m not sure how long the embed will stay online so take a listen while you can. I’ve listened to the song a few times already and I really like it. YES, I realize it’s a track and Britney is only guesting on it … but her performance on the track is really damn fun. She takes the chorus and there’s even a cameo of her famous It’s Britney, Bitch line. Brilliant. While I would LOVE for Britney to release a new single all her own, I am quite satisfied with this little treat of a song. Britney makes listenable, for that reason alone she deserves praise. What do y’all think of this track? Does it make you want to “turn this sh*t up”?

  • Kassie

    Why does Brit sound like a Brit? It was creepy when Madonna started talking like she was British, not any better here.

    • kendra

      I see what you’re saying, but I’m getting more of a character out of this accent..Like a bitchy posh person..I dig it..

    • barto

      Madonna’s British accent is serious. Britney’s British accent is not. She speaks that way when she’s being silly. It’s one of my favorite things about her.

  • kendra

    Oh my word..I’m such a dumbass..I was about to say I didn’t like that weird talking that would come on randomly and then finally figured out it was the website making their mark on it..Soooo..Without that, it’s a fun song! Love the Britney bitch part! I had it playing while watching soccer and it worked with the action which was a nice added bonus..Can’t wait for the video!

  • ClaireMichelle

    Ohhh my gosh. LOVE the “Britney, bitch” parts. Genius!! I am ready to get my dance on to this.

  • Cesar

    Love it

  • muchacha

    I really like it upon first listen. Brit sounds great, I hope it cheered you up a little today Trent :)

  • nicole

    i think im the only one whos not a fan. the beat is alright. but overall the song kinda sucks. the best part was the ‘Britney bitch’. on the upside atleast its no worse then the song they had on Femme Fatal.