‘Dinner’ Plans


Yesterday was a mostly quiet day for me. I stayed indoors pretty much all day long … it’s been cool, rainy and gloomy the past few days and, well, I kinda didn’t feel like going out to experience more gloom so I ended up camping out on the couch for most of the day. I did get out last night to meet up with my friends Gillian and Tim primarily because I haven’t been able to see them in forever. Their beautiful baby girl Gemma is growing up so fast, I decided spending some time with them last night might cheer me up a bit … and I was right.

After hanging out for a bit at their home, Gillian and I went out for an amazing sushi dinner at Kiwami in Studio City. Oh man, the food was so good … it deffo helped lift my spirits a bit. Today I think I’m heading down to Manhattan Beach to spend some time with Emma and Josh. I wish the sun was out, a nice warm day at the beach would be perfect right now.

Tomorrow, I’ll be a guest on The Dinner Party Show, which is hosted by authors (and friend) Christopher Rice and Eric Shaw Quinn:

Chris asked me to be on the show a few weeks ago and I happily accepted. The Dinner Party Show just launched last week and the guys had Chris’s mom Anne Rice as their first guest! If you would like to hear last week’s show, you can do so HERE. The show will air live online tomorrow at 5PM PT/ 8PM ET HERE and you can submit a question HERE. In all honesty, I’m very excited to be on the show tomorrow. I believe we’re gonna talk some of the fun gossy stuff that went down this week … and as you know, there was a LOT of fun gossy stuff that went down. I hope you’ll tune it! It should be lots of fun :D

  • Shannon

    Ha! I love their pic! Can’t wait to hear you on the show :)

  • kendra

    Oh that’s rad! Can’t wait to tune in!

  • Dot

    Sounds like you really had a great night which is good.
    P.S. “the foot was so good” – did you mean food? ;-)