Tim Burton And The ‘Kick-Ass’ Screenwriter Are Working On A Live-Action ‘Pinocchio’ Movie


Tim Burton has brought so many, many good things into our lives (Edward Scissorhands, Beetlejuice, Ed Wood, etc). He’s been getting a lot of hateration for recent projects (i.e. Dark Shadows), but I’m always interested in his new films. I’m not sure what to make of a live-action Pinocchi movie, but apparently it’s happening. Robert Downey Jr. is expected to play the woodcarver Geppetto (that’s kinda hilarious) and now the screenwriter from Kick-Ass and X-Men: First Class is on board. Click inside to learn more!

Indiewire has the report:

Warner Bros has hired “Kick-Ass” and “X-Men: First Class” screenwriter Jane Goldman to rewrite the live-action take on “Pinocchio” that Tim Burton and Robert Downey Jr. have been circling since the beginning of the year. Goldman is taking over scripting duties — and “incorporating Downey’s notes” — from “Wonderfalls” and “Pushing Daisies” creator Bryan Fuller who wrote the first draft. Should it all come together — Burton and RDJ aren’t officially committed yet — it will follow Geppetto as he goes on a journey to find Pinochhio after he goes missing. He’ll probably encounter lots of wacky things along the way. Hopefully the end result is more “Frankenweenie” and less “Alice In Wonderland.”

The guys over at Indiewire seem to believe this project is proof that Burton is ‘officially out of ideas,’ but I’m gonna keep hope alive, lol. This Pinocchio flick could totally work… right?


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  • JM

    I love Once Upon a Time and the “Pinocchio” character was/is really great (also, uber hot). I’m excited about the idea/potential!

  • kendra

    Tim Burton could film a puppet fartng and I’d crap my pants..I love him and everything he puts out..This is going to be so damn good..I can feel it!