Here Are The Top 5 ‘YesPlease, MoreThankYou’ Moments From Last Night’s Episode Of ‘Scandal’: ‘Spies Like Us’


It’s been another crAzY week over here at PITNB. Between trying to make sense of the Kevin Clash/Elmo scandal, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’s thing (or non-thing), and allll of Kristen Stewart’s red carpet looks, I’m kinda wiped out, lol.  Plus, my two favorite shows brought so much drama this week! Sunday’s Revenge was insane, and this week’s Scandal was not to be outdone. Sooo much ish popped off I don’t even know how we’re gonna address it all; we better get started. Like, now. Get inside!

First of all, can we just talk about the cutesy little date Olivia had the NERVE to go on with the Senator?! Yo, I couldn’t believe she was really cheating on her married boyfriend! Sooo messed up, y’all. And it wasn’t, like, a regular ol’ date where we have nothing to worry about… did you see all those ginormous grins she kept giving?! OMG:

So yeah. I knew these two were gonna get it on and poppin’ faster than Emily’ and Aiden on Revenge, lmao. But the episode really opened up with the illest scene ever, when the seemingly normal guy (later discovered to be a CIA agent and an associate of Huck’s) handed a postwoman an envelope addressed to Olivia Pope and then proceeded to um, take care of himself. That ish was craaaaay! I should have known right then and there that this was gonna be one of my all-time favorite episodes of Scandal, ever. I loved this storyline with Huck & crew. I mean, we’ve all been thinking Huck is cray but he was in good company this time around, lol. We got to meet all these former CIA killing-machines who have new lives that they desperately want to preserve, but were about to lose because someone started snitching. Meanwhile, the Gladiators office, as Harrison aptly pointed out, was going through some ish in this episode. Harrison basically back-stabs Abby to keep her away from David because she back-stabbed Olivia and started David’s whole investigation into Defiance (and the voting booth scam, which we still don’t know a lot about). And it was super-duper sad ’cause Abby just got her damn drawer in David’s apartment!

Messed up. But totally necessary. More and more we are seeing that Olivia Pope isn’t always and only a good guy. It’s starting to seem like she has gotten her hands hella dirty to make things happen… and to keep certain truths from coming out. I love her, but I dunno if I can trust her, lol. So let’s get to it!

The Top 5 ‘YesPlease, MoreThankYou’ Moments From ABC’s Scandal, Season 2, Episode 6:

Spies Like Us

 1. Did Cyrus Just Fake Cry?

Okay, when I first started writing this, this particular moment was titled ‘Cyrus’s Angry Face Is The Scariest Thing Ever.‘ Last week I noted that some of my fave scenes were the ones between Cyrus and his husband James, who’s back at his journalism work and on a friggen roll. Their little brunch at the beginning of this episode was so effing awkward, I loved it! I’m just always nervous that Cyrus is gonna punch somebody (mainly me, however that would work) in the face. And when he saw that James did THE WORST thing ever and quoted him (though anonymously) in the paper, based on something he said while they were IN BED together… OMG! I was like Cyrus, please don’t punch him, lol.

HOWEVER, the real craziness came towards the end of the episode when Cyrus got James to drop the whole Doyle story by fake-crying and fake-expressing-his-emotions!!! Helllll nawl! And James was so into it, it was adorable. But yeah, Cyrus is a bad, bad man. Love it!

Quote It:  Front page, above the fold.

Sidenote: How insane was that scene with Cyrus and Hollis, who clearly has a ways to go in his understanding of gay relationships? How funny was their back-and-forth over the ‘husband’/’wife’ concept?
Quote It:  Put your wife on a leash! (Hollis)
[There are] Two husbands!(Cyrus)

2. WTF is B6-13?!

I’m not gonna lie, y’all. I started tearing up when Huck was about to leave the office for good. Like, noooooooo! I’m so glad he stayed! But when he started schooling the girls on how former CIA agents check the radio frequencies every day for coded messages, I was totally freaked out. Scandal is such a good show, you believe everything it tells you, lol! I just don’t know how you could make something like that up, so I’m gonna go ahead and assume that it’s true and that there are hidden messages in all that static on the radio.

Now we all know Scandal is a very dramatic show, with lots of big bangs and murders and affairs and all that ish. But the reason that it’s a powerful show is because it’s character-driven. I loved this episode so hard because it took one of our favorite characters and set up a situation where there would be more of him. As in, this is what it looks like with a bunch of crazy Hucks in the room:

Quote It: Let’s just say we did things… things that would make it hard for you to sing the National Anthem and mean it.

3. Harrison Is The New Huck (Okay, Not Really But You Know What I Mean)

I don’t care what anybody says, THIS WAS HARRISON’S EPISODE!!! I loved the part when he ran up on Olivia and was like TELL ME YOU WHAT YOU NEEEED. OMG. Well, Harrison, I kinda need to hear those words more in my life. But, like, at me… not Olivia. Me. And you. Harrison. Callme. Or call my sister Steph, who wrote this on her Facebook page last night:

Harrison I’ll tell you what I need!!!! Whew the things I’d do to that man!!!! #Scandal

LMAO! But okay… he worked the ish out of Abby, right?! Talkin’ about I love you like a sister. OMG. That poor girl… who totally brought this on herself… damn. I feel for her, especially since the whole David was a wife-beater thing was a flat-out lie (brought to you by Olivia Pope). In a way, you hate that they had to go that route to get Abby & David away from each other, but you also know that there was really no other way, nothing that would have repelled Abby more.

But the other reason that this was Harrison’s episode was because of the way he shut down Huck & Friends when they all pulled out their guns on each other. I mean, I just thought it was kind of over at that point. And then Harrison came in there speechifying like a pro… it was sooo effing sexy, lol!

Quote It: I am NOT your job. I’m your family. I’m your Gladiator.
Quote It: Her ex-husband used to beat her. You might wanna use that.

4. Huck Gives A Nice Speech About How He Likes A Girl… And Likes Killing People. Then Someone Gets Killed. Surprise.

OMG. How much did you melt when Huck tried to save that poor (and now dead) guy’s life? Once they found out that the Doctor was the snitch (and how awesome was that moment BTW, when they all immediately identified the Swiss bank account number as the bullsh-t prescription number he was giving over the phone?!), they prepared to do away with him because, well, that’s what they do. But Huck has been going to rehab and he just wanted it to stop, lol! “See, there’s this girl that I like. Her name is– you know what? I’m not gonna tell you her name.” LMAO. Madness… AKA his Oprah moment. But I loved that the mom of three was like yeah. No. That was a nice speech Huck, but I gotsta kill this guy.

Oh, man. That whole crew was unforgettable… mainly the woman with the arthritis, lol. And I loved that moment when the were cleaning up the bloody mess (we usually see the Gladiators doing this) and the woman who shot the Doctor came over to wipe Huck’s ear off… LMAO.

Quote It: It’s short for Spinster… they never thought I’d meet somebody.

5. Olivia And The Senator Presumably Do The Damn Thang (Abby And David Do Not)

Geez, I could have imagined Olivia and the Senator getting it on, but I didn’t see it going down like this?! Olivia lit’rally bawling her way into his arms?! That was ah-maaazing! And the lead into these kinda-depressing final moments was perfected by the voice of Nina Simone singing I Think It’s Going To Rain Today. Damn, I love Shonda Rhimes! And the friggen Senator finally got me to like him (not like him like him, just like him). When he showed up with popcorn and wine I was like ooooohhh hell nawl, that’s my favorite! I didn’t even know that was my favorite until he said he brought popcorn and wine! OMG. I love him! No, no… I’m still team Pres, but the Senator kinda brought it.

Quote It: We can either watch Angelina Jolie with a gun or Angelina Jolie with a different gun. Both are excellent. Or we go back to debating Presidents (sexy pause). Invite me in. It’s time. Because I am a man and I don’t play games and you and I are very good together. So… so, let me in now or I walk away.

Olivia had a lot to cry about, but I think she felt really, truly awful for what she did to Abby, even if Abby committed the initial act of betrayal. This moment was still the worst:

Quote It: She “fell”?! I “fell” too.

So yeah. One of the best Scandal episodes ever, methinks.

Were you guys freaking out as much as I was from the very beginning of this episode to the very end… to the sneak peek of next week’s madness?! I can’t wait to hear what y’all think; are Abby and David really DUNZO? Are Olivia and Fitz really DUNZO now that the Senator officially got invited in and left the damn popcorn and wine outside of the door because that’s how good his sex is, like, you won’t even NEED the popcorn and wine after all that? Sorry, I digress. Scandal. Spies Like Us. Your thoughts?!


  • nicole

    ok so first i need to get this out of the way… & you’re sister need to back away from Harrison. cause um, he’s mine. you guys can have him if/when im done with him.

    now on to the show – i love that we finally got Huck’s story. it was about time. you gotta love that one minute he’s tryin to figure out how to be with a “normal” girl to finding out he was a spy & some bad ish is about to happen.

    Then having Harrison boss up like that? my love for him just soared. Huck & Harrison are just amazing.
    and Cyrus..well he’s Cyrus. that man has no shame.

    overall…freakin perfect episode. loved it.

    • Shannon

      nicole, I’m gonna let you and my sister duke it over Harrison… LMAO. One of my other fave moments was when Huck pulled out that tiny camera and started going CIA on his girl; that was adorable, right?! He sooo needed an episode to himself like this. It’ll be interesting to see if the same happens with the other characters.

      Cyrus is bananas… I have no clue what to do with that guy!