First Listen: Rihanna Features Eminem On Her Trippy New Song Titled, ‘Numb’


Rihanna’s seventh studio album, Unapologetic, is just a few days away from its release date and new songs are leaking like cray. We heard a snippet of the dumbest collaboration ever a little while back, and now that full track is floating around the interwebs. I’m much more excited about this new song Numb, with Eminem. The beat is so ill, and even though it’s difficult to pinpoint where RiRi’s actual verses are at first (like, I thought the whole beginning was some kind of intro), I just loved hearing Eminem’s voice… so yeah. I really like this song. But I’m also partial to any song that chops and screws my favorite Kanye West song. Take a listen above; you likey?! You can check out the lyrics to Numb and, actually, all of the songs on Unapologetic at DirectLyrics. In the meantime, this song’s on repeat.


  • Iris B

    I hate the fact I love this freaking song. I love dirty base drifts and this song just takes me there x100. GR. I don’t want to support her album though!!!

    • Iris B


  • nicole

    meh…the only thing i really like about it is eminem. he pretty much makes everything better

  • Sam

    I’m liking this. Rihanna has some of the best producers in the world, and they really know how to work her songs!!!

    • Matthew

      That’s kind of my whole problem with Rihanna though. Rihanna is only a good as her producers and sound engineers are. I also feel like she is dropping albums like they are going out of style.

      I suppose she can be so prolific because she is not very involved in the album making process aside from picking the already written and produced tracks she wants and then taking some time to go to the studio and put her voice on it. But a part of me wishes she would get more involved. You are supposed to want to get more involved as you develop as an artist, right?

      Rihanna certainly isn’t the only one guilty of this though. And this girl is absolutely beautiful no matter what she wears or does to her hair. So I guess it is what it is. This song is…alright. Em makes the song. At least she picks controversial collaborators even if the music is uninspired by her.

    • Sam

      I completely agree. I’m not a usual fan of pop music or “radio” music, and I know that some of the most popular artists today have an enormous team behind them. In this song, and most Rihanna songs to be honest, I am mostly praising the beat. I specifically referred to the producers because I know that Rihanna herself is a mediore singer at best who, quite honestly, doesn’t put on a fantastic show either. I totally agree on the putting out albums like it’s out of style though, she really needs to leave for a good year or two!