Listen: Kelly Clarkson Releases A Song Titled ‘People Like Us’

"We are all misfits living in a world on fire"
"People like us / Have gotta stick together"

In the past few weeks we’ve heard the new songs Catch My Breath and Don’t Rush (featuring Vince Gill) from Kelly Clarkson, who is readying the release of her first ever greatest hits compilation titled Greatest Hits — Chapter 1. Today we get to hear another new song from Kelly … this one titled People Like Us. As you can hear above, the song has a distinctive anthemic sound but … I, personally, am not feeling it. I think I understand what the song lyrics are meant to convey but … I dunno, I guess the song just doesn’t work for me. Take a listen, see what you think. Do you like this new Kelly Clarkson song?

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  1. its not bad. i think its one of those songs that have to come on just at the right moment.

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