Hulk Hogan Loses The Fight To Get His Sex Tape Offline


A little while back we saw an unforgettable video; it was amazing, inspiring, and a joy to experience. I’m talking about that clip of Flavor Flav running into Miley Cyrus and mistaking her for Gwen Stefani. Shortly thereafter we saw a… different kind of video that was equally unforgettable, though for other reasons. The Hulk Hogan sex tape came crashing into our world like a ginormous wave into the depths of our souls, and changed our lives forever. Hulk has been fighting Gawker, the website that published it, and went on to sue them for $100 million. He also asked a judge to force Gawker to keep the video offline while the suit moves forward, but a judge has just ruled in the website’s favor, so the sex tape will remain online. So. Hooray…. ???

TMZ has the report:

Hulk Hogan’s sex tape will STAY ON THE INTERNET … at least for the foreseeable future — because a judge has just denied the wrestler’s bid to yank it from the web ASAP.

You’ll recall, Hulk sued Gawker for $100 million for publishing his sex tape — and filed a preliminary motion demanding Gawker take the tape down immediately, while the case makes its way through the court system.

But today, a judge refused to order Gawker to do squat — ruling Hulk failed to prove the website wasn’t within its First Amendment rights to post the video in the first place.

Moreover, the judge wrote, “This is an example of where the proverbial ‘cat is out of the bag'” … i.e. everyone on the planet’s already seen the tape, so it’s too late to protect Hulk’s privacy.

That said, the judge could still decide to order Gawker to remove the tape if Hulk were to win the case at the end of the day.

But after today’s order, it doesn’t look good …

Poor Hulk. People everywhere are watching him do the damn thing. Hell, I just clicked on the video. I JUST wanted to see if it still worked y’all! Stop judging me– I’m doing my job.

Now I know PITNBR Megan was kind of rooting for Hulk to win this case (which he still might; this is just a preliminary ruling), citing the unfairness of it all, specifically for someone who had no clue he was being filmed. And yeah, that does suck.  What do you guys think of the judge’s decision regarding the tape which is right here, online still? Should Gawker have been forced to remove the sex tape, that is currently playing in the tab over on my computer (don’t worry I can’t even hear it… I’m listening to this song)?  Or has justice been served?

[Source] [Photo Credit: David Frank/NYT]

  • Meghan

    I will never be able to shake the trauma caused to me by watching this tape!

    • @Meghan — Shaking & Crying

  • fab4runner

    I thought it was hilarious and entertaining.