Confirmed: Michael Lohan Is The Biological Father Of Love Child Ashley Horn


Remember WAY back in 2008 when we first heard that Michael Lohan fathered a love child with a woman named Kristi Horn back in 1995 when he was still married to Dina Lohan, with whom he has 4 children — Lindsay, Michael Jr., Aliana and Dakota? Lindsay Lohan confirmed herself that the love child was Michael’s and a couple of years after that, we got to know the girl — Ashley Horn — a bit better. Today, we learn officially that Michael Lohan is the young girl’s biological father. During a taping of the Trisha Goddard show (set to air today), the DNA results confirmed that Michael Lohan is the father to poor Ashley Horn.

THE DNA TEST IS IN — Michael Lohan fathered an illegitimate lovechild back in 1995 behind Dina Lohan’s back … and Michael’s reaction to the shocking paternity reveal was all caught on tape. Michael agreed to submit to a DNA test for an episode of “Trisha Goddard” — where he comes face-to-face for the first time with the 17-year-old girl who claimed to be his daughter — and the results came back POSITIVE. The girl’s mother — Kristi Horn — has claimed Michael was the father for years, and has even tried multiple times to get him to pay child support … but Michael adamantly denied the allegations. The reveal — which airs tonight — is cringeworthy … Michael can’t believe the news … and the girl’s mother immediately bursts into tears. After, Michael gets up to hug his newfound daughter (Ashley) and she resists, shouting, “No! No! No!” while Michael pleads, “I just want to hug you.” FYI … Michael’s two youngest children with Dina — Ali and Cody — were born in 1993 and 1996 respectively. Which means Ashley was conceived somewhere in the middle. Congrats, Lindsay. You got a new half-sister.

I can’t even express how sorry I am for Ashley Horn. I know her mother wanted this DNA test to prove Michael as the father so that she can go after child support but, duh, Lohan has no money! The real tragedy is that Ashley now knows for sure that Michael is her father. I can’t even think of a more horrifying punishment. UGH doesn’t even begin to convey how bad I feel for the girl.

OH and let’s not forget, Michael is CURRENTLY EXPECTING THE BIRTH of ANOTHER CHILD with his estranged girlfriend Kate Major!!!!!!! I am beyond bummed for all of Lohan’s children, truly. BEYOND BUMMED.

This is all just … tragic.


  • Meghan

    Ugh…this man is trash, just trash.

  • swile71

    This is a perfect example of a man who should NEVER have become a father. He is the reason vasectomies were created.

  • Gillian

    Seriously? Gah! Can someone please explain to me WHY woman have willingly opened their legs for this man? AND! Why they all have opted to NOT use birth control while doing so… bleck!

    • ck1


  • Jstar

    sterilize him!!!!!!!

  • Devonte

    I am still bummed at how Lindsey has let down her potential. I’m not one to place blame on just her parents since clearly they are hot mess as well but she had SO MUCH POTENTIAL AFTER MEAN GIRLS!

  • miguel

    This man must have some REALLY good p33n, because his personality is SHADY as hell…it must suck to know that a man like him is your father. I’d go crazy.

  • J.

    I’m personally really pleased to see how blunt Ashley was with Michael.

    “This is the first time I met you…. I’m not sure how–”
    “Everything in time, honey.”
    *eyeroll from Ashley*

  • ck1

    Next time you have a bad day, imagine this just happened to you.

  • Franki

    Interesting that this didn’t happen on Maury with an episode also featuring “moms who do crack their daughters” and ” he beats her, but she won’t leave him”.