Bill & Giuliana Rancic Baptize Baby Edward Duke


Back in August we learned that Bill and Giuliana Racic welcomed the birth of their firstborn son Edward Duke. In September, they introduced the little dude to the world and in October, they expressed their readiness to have a second baby. BUT, before the couple get all wrapped up in planning baby #2, they went and got baby Duke baptized. Click below to see the newest Rancic family photo from Duke’s big day.

Baby Duke is growing up fast! On Nov. 4, Giuliana and Bill Rancic celebrated their little guy’s baptism in Chicago. “Special Sunday for me & @BillRancic…Baby Duke is getting baptized!!! He looks like an angel in his christening gown. #specialday,” Giuliana, 37, tweeted. “It was right down in the city,” Bill, 41, told Windy City Live about the occasion. “It’s the only church that survived the Great Chicago Fire so it was really a special place for us.”

OMG, so cute! I cannot FOR THE LIFE OF ME believe that Duke is already 2 months old … and getting baptized. Where the HELL does the time go? My initial reaction to Giuliana and Bill’s desire to have another baby already was, Damn, enjoy the baby you have. But now that I realize how quickly time passes, I guess I can’t blame them for wanting another adorable baby like this. I love seeing this family look so happy. Congrats to them :)


  • Ashley P

    Love this couple! He is grown so much too in 2 months!

    • Ashley P

      He has grown*

  • Just me

    He gets cuter with every new photo!

  • Jere

    I love this family and have kept up with their struggles to have a child. However, I was surprised that she immediately went back to 4 or 5 different jobs she is involved in?? I would have thought if she ever got a baby she would not want it raised by nannies!
    I also wish she could complete just ‘ONE” sentence without adding, “YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN”……AS if we don’t have the intelligence to get it the first time. It may just be a bad habit she picked up but it is very irritating.