Watch: Madonna Succumbs To The ‘Gangnam Style’ Trend In NYC


Madonna brought her MDNA World Tour back to NYC, NY last night and she brought along a special surprise guest to take the stage with her. At around the midpoint of her show, Madonna pauses to speak directly to the audience and she sometimes interjects a surprise extra song into her live set. During last night’s midpoint address/performance, Maddy began a performance of her song Give It 2 Me and about a minute into the song, she brought Korean popstar Psy to the stage to perform his massive hit Gangnam Style with her. Naturally, video of the collaboration quickly made its way to the Internets and you can watch the full performance above. It really looks like the Gangnam Style thing is here to stay, at least for a bit longer. I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised that Madonna succumbed to the Gangnam trend … but let’s not forget, our dear Britney Spears was on that tip way back in September ;)

  • xokimmy

    ah! how fun. i just love her!

  • Veronica

    Love it and love Psy!!

  • Megan

    She pretends to pee on him like a dog… lady is cray cray lol

  • Desi

    I like the song Gangnam style but I was a bit shocked Madonna did a whole performance with him…he is lucky!!