Watch: Lindsay Lohan Is Torn Between Lovers In The ’50s-Style Trailer For ‘The Canyons’


A while back Trent shared the first 70s thriller style trailer for Lindsay Lohan’s next film The Canyons. It was weird, and kinda cheap-looking, although that appeared to be an artistic choice, lol. Anyhoo, today we get another look at the movie and it looks sooo bad, I’m kind of excited! The voice-over is hilariously tongue-in-cheek and all the acting reminds me of a soap opera, or a porn, or that 90s show from MTV, Undressed. You know, so bad… it’s good.. or at least vaguely entertaining. Peep the trailer to see what I mean! This time they went ’50s melodrama on us, as Trent promised. Your thoughts?



  • swile71

    OH MY DAMN! That looks SO bad.

  • Mary

    I’m pretty sure the guy she’s co-starring with is called James Deen, a very ‘prominent’ porn star – is LL ‘succumbing’ to the porn industry?

  • Jstar

    Wow, Lindsay is so bad. She really is a terrible actress…

  • Josh

    orse part of this “Trailer” is those 2 “guys” playing her lovers lol! They’re more feminine than Lindsay herslf.lmao!

  • schmee

    I’ve never seen a James Deen movie (not because they’re porn but because they have women in them), but I’d hit that. I’d SO hit that.

  • Matthew

    This is so bad, but I would watch it for the two hotties in their undies. Okay, I will go back to my corner now.

  • lori

    her lips. ersh!