Justin Bieber Instagrams A Photo Of The Cop Car That Pulled Him Over


The other day Justin took to Instagram to share his newly-single bod with the world. PITNBRS were not impressed, lol. But it was fun seeing him go shirtless, because it’s always fun to see people go shirtless (says the Rihanna in me). Now he’s sharing pictures of the flashing lights that he saw in his rear-view mirror last night when the cops pulled him over. LMAO. This kid is… special. More inside!

E! has the report:

Just a few days after his breakup with Selena Gomez hit the headlines, the broken-hearted pop star found himself back in the glare of the media—and, as it happens, the flashing lights of a cop car—when he reportedly got pulled over and ticketed by one of Los Angeles’ finest.

The incident reportedly took place yesterday evening, when Justin was driving through the city in his white Ferrari.

According to one report, he was initially pulled over by sheriff’s deputies after making an unsafe left turn, though it’s unclear what he was ultimately reportedly ticketed for.

Whatever it was, Biebs certainly seemed to take the incident in stride afterwards, even cheekily posting an Instagram photo of the lights-blazing patrol car that pulled him over, as apparently taken from his driver’s side window.

Here’s the photo, in case you were curious as to what those cop lights looked like:

LMAO. Ummm, thanks for that Bieber.

What do you guys think of all this not-so-dramatic Bieber drama? Is he just missing Selena, and therefore recklessly making ‘unsafe left turns’? Here’s hoping he gets it together.



  • miguel

    He wants to give off that “bad boy” image, but I’m sure his “SWAG” team told him to take a pic and upload it to receive “street cred”….yeah.

  • Joan

    This kid! LOL
    Is his break up with Selena the beginning of his downhill spiral? LOL