Beyoncé Is Back In The Recording Studio


Beyoncé has been sharing a LOT of personal photos lately, which isn’t all that surprising … she’s been sharing a lot of herself ever since she gave birth to Blue Ivy last Winter. BUT, among the photos she’s shared this week, Bey has quietly released a photo that was taken while she is in the recording studio. She’s wearing headphones, you can see sheet music … it really looks like she is recording … something. HMMM. I wonder what it could be.

It’s been a year of new joys for Beyoncé with daughter Blue Ivy. Now, though, she seems to be reconnecting with her first love – music. The singer, 31, who is already schedule to perform at the Super Bowl in February, posted some personal photos online this week, including one from the studio – in which she’s seen rocking black-and-white leather pants and a matching top. She shows off the outfit in more detail in another group of photos: the Rag & Bone pants and the abstract Nicholas Kirkwood shoes with what look like two faces staring at each other. In another photo, she tries out a long-sleeve, collared silk shift dress with a colorful baroque print. Beyoncé has been connecting with fans online more often this year, both through her Tumblr – part of the recently redesigned – and now on Instagram. She has returned to performing sporadically this year, including a few shows over Memorial Day weekend and an appearance with husband Jay-Z in October. But the Super Bowl show will mark her grand return to the stage.

I think the common belief is that Bey is recording something for her upcoming Super Bowl halftime performance but I’d like to think that she is working on new music (after all, we did see her in the studio with Miguel recently so …), maybe a little something for the holidays … or maybe something set for release around Super Bowl time early next year? I wasn’t too crazy about Bey’s last album but I know she has a lot of amazing music yet to release so I say … bring it on! Can’t wait.

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  • Tony

    Perhaps recording her performance for playback later at next years SuperBowl?

    • JCZ

      I’ve always wondering what percentage of her performances are. Whether she just delivers the vocal runs on some lines in her songs. Cause a WHOLE performance with little to none pitch issues whilst running around…. maybe she is that good, but I just can’t buy it.

      We know she lipsynched the Grammy’s, so it’s not like she never has before. But the Superbowl will be interesting. The attention to her show, ever since Madonna kinda brought back the mainstream appeal, may warrant her to perform it live. But I wonder whether the size of the show and its live telecast prevent live singing… Madge lipsynched and she isnt one to usually do a whole performance like that. Perhaps they require a bit of adjusting with sounds etc. to make it sound good through the TV and they don’t have time since it’s live? Who knows… we’ll soon find out.

  • Dezden

    PLEASEEEEE. A summer tour would be so fab.