Watch: ‘The Hangover’ Writers Bring Us The College Epic Party Movie, ’21 And Over’


21 and Over is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. There’s a guy, he turns 21, his friends try to get him ish-faced, and laid, and madness ensues. Good times, right? The writers of The Hangover are behind this one so I think we know what to expect by now: girls, vomit, girls, people drawing on other people’s faces, vomit, etc.  The trailer just got released and, while it’s no Superbad, it looks like fun. Justin Chon (from Twilight) stars alongside Skylar Astin and Miles Teller. Peep the video more! Anybody into it?


  • xokimmy

    “I’m just saying, technically he’s doing what you asked him to.”

    Best part of the trailer.

  • ClaireMichelle

    Skylar Astin from Pitch Perfect is in this so I am SOLD. Seeing it. Also, @xokimmy is totally on point, that line is the best! Hahaha.

  • fab4runner

    I LOVE Miles Teller! He was so good in the new Footloose. I might have to see this.