Snooki Debuts Her New, Red Hair’do On Twitter


Man this is weird. I’m about to do a Snooki post that is not, also, a baby Lorenzo post. It feels strange and disorienting… but here goes. Snooki went red y’all! The Jersey Shore star who’s been very busy with Mommyhood lately, decided that it was time for a change. And now she has us all seeing red on Twitter. Click inside for more “Fireball” Snooki!


What do you think? Snooki’s hair stylist Bradley Moreland hooked it up. It’s kinda dramatic, though we’ve seen more drastic changes from Miley Cyrus. Personally, I’ma need some time to adjust to this new look. I’ll just take a peek at some pics of Baby Lorenzo in the meantime:

Ahhhh. That’s better. Okay, I’m fine. Fine. Do you guys like Snooki’s new ‘do?

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  • Ria

    I actually don’t mindey.

  • nicole

    i like it. it suits her.