Kristen Stewart And Robert Pattinson Arrive At The LA Premiere For ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2′


Last night was a huuuge night in LA (mainly for those fans who’ve been camping out for the last two weeks), because The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 premiered at the Nokia Theatre. Recently we took a look back at Kristen Stewart’s red carpet looks from this Fall and I’ve really grown to like her style. This dress that she wore to the premiere is proof that she knows how to rock a red carpet. In a see-through/nude Zuhair Murad gown Kristen stunned alongside her boo Robert Pattinson. And I usually am not a fan of the see-through/leotard-ish look but I’m sooo digging this color on her! Peep the gallery for more (and yeah, Robbie’s wearing that green, lol)! Are you loving this look on her or what? And you can  also check out more photos of Robsten at the premiere here.

[Photo Credits: Getty Images/Splash News] [Source]

  • Dawn Schaffer

    Neither of them really look happy at all in the photos of them together. It looks forced. I still think their “back together”-ness is for the sake of the movie release. I kind of refuse to believe that Rob would take her back. Haha.

    And I also kinda love her dress. And his green suit. Like love.

  • Kayla

    Minus the scowl she looks fantastic!

  • Joan

    Um…honestly…I think she’s straight up wearing lingerie on the red carpet. LOL I think this is her fancy version of wearing a scarlet letter. I saw a photo of the dress from the backside (on POP Sugar, I think) and that was just a bit too much of something I didn’t care to see… LOL But I love her hair and makeup on this one! *insert awkward, conciliatory smile here* Seems like she’s been really digging her hair swept to one side lately.

    Also, I kinda feel bad for Taylor Lautner because no one cares about him. The media flat out ignores his existence in the presence of these two. LOL

  • blaqfury

    Is it weird that I’m happy for the end of Twilight and by extension ‘Robersten” I’m sure they’re agents & the studio have a lot to do with them rekindling… but i’m sure they’ll be happy too after all this is done.
    As for her dress… i actually like the dress, except the bust area… it looks weird

  • Lauren

    Ah, the beautiful Robsten, sit back, watch, enjoy… the promos will end soon, and this will be all wrapped up. I’m sad to see it all end! I don’t think their relationship has anything to do with promotion of the movies, honestly, who would put themselves through all that just for a movie!? Who know if it will last, not my business, frankly. But I LOVE her dress and his beautiful suit (It’s a dark green hounds tooth print) Amazing!! Beautiful peeps :)

  • Audrey

    The dress is gorgeous. However, I don’t think it is a good choice for her. It accentuates that she doesn’t have curves or boobs. She should wear dresses that a great for her shape. I don’t think this one does. Her make-up and hair are great. Her style really is coming along. Love Pattinson’s suit.

  • kendra

    Ooooooo! I think they both look beeeeeautiful! Separate they look great, but that green suit against the nude of her dress is a really pretty combo..Not sure if that was planned but if so, kudos!

  • nicole

    i dont think its the right dress for her. its a beautiful dress…just not for her. though…i am loving Rob’s green suit.
    i just wish the girl would either play up the lips, or play up the eyes. not both. it never looks good.