Kevin Clash, The Voice Of ‘Elmo,’ Was Sending Sexual E-Mails To His Accuser


Yesterday we shared the very disturbing news that Kevin Clash, the Emmy Award-winning voice of Sesame Street’s Elmo character, was being accused of having sex with an underage boy. As we reported, the boy is now 23 and claims that the sexual relationship began when he was 16. Clash maintains that, while he did have a relationship with the boy, there was no sexual contact until the young man was over 18. We’d also learned that Clash had been disciplined for using his work e-mail to have conversations with this young man, and now some of the content of those e-mails is being revealed. Click inside to learn more.

TMZ has the story:

Kevin Clash — the man who voices Elmo — had an email exchange with his accuser in 2010 in which he apologized for constantly talking about sex … and promised to make all of his “dreams come true” … TMZ has learned.

We broke the story … Clash was disciplined by Sesame for sending a personal email from his Sesame Street email account. The email was sent to a man who now claims he had a sexual relationship with Clash when he was 16 and Clash was 45.

In the email — sent well after the accuser turned 18 — Clash writes, “I’m sorry that I keep talking about sex with you, its driving me insane.”

He adds, “I want you to know that I love you and I will never hurt you. I’m here to protect you and make sure your dreams come true.”

Clash continued, “I’ll have my assistant book a ticket for you to come to NY and we can talk about this in person.”

As we previously reported, Clash has acknowledged having a sexual relationship with the accuser but insists it only took place AFTER the accuser was an adult.

Clash has since taken a leave of absence from Sesame Street and says he will focus on fighting the allegations.

Again, I don’t know what to make of all this, other than Ugh.  A lot of you weighed in on the conversation yesterday and PITNBR Silly made a great point, wanting to know why “sesame street officials” and lawyers were involved and not the police. I’m starting to think that maybe, at this point, there is no evidence that points to a sexual relationship between Clash and his accuser before the accuser was 18. These e-mails were reportedly sent in 2010, when the young man would have been 21. So, perhaps his lawyers are still attempting to build that case.

What do you guys think of the accusations, now that we have a bit more context? I’m no expert, but when I read Clash’s words it doesn’t sound like he’s already had sex with this young man. Instead, it sounds like he’s still wooing him (promising him the world, being sexual, then apologizing for being sexual). However, we don’t know what might have been left out of the e-mails for legal purposes, or what’s missing from the greater conversation. And either way, this whole movement is still creeping me out.


  • AwesomeMargie

    Ain’t nothing wrong with someone trying to get him some. It’s just disturbing because he works for Sesame Street. If it was just a man, or woman, sending emails to same, nothing would have happened. I also agree about how the police isn’t involved. I wonder if the accuser is trying to extort money from Clash. Irregardless (because it’s so a word, right Trent?) I suspect parents are going to get all worked up because it’s Sesame Street.

  • ClaireMichelle

    I agree with you, it does sound like he is still wooing him. I think I was a little jaded before by the Sandusky case when I said I had a hard time buying that he waited until the boy was of age. The more that comes out, the more it seems like there is very little – if any – evidence that this started when the boy was underage. But Clash, whyyyyy did you send personal emails like these from your work email?! Come on, now!

  • Meghan

    I also agree, Shannon. It appears that Clash is wooing him and the accuser was an adult. However, completely inappropriate for Clash to us his work email and have his assistant book a ticket for the man to come to NY. I suspect this is why Clash was disciplined. It’s still creepy. I think anyone in their mid-to-late forties with an 18-19 year old is creepy.

    • melissa

      Though if we’re thinking that he was just only wooing him in 2010, the young man was 21 – – which yes, a man in his late forties wooing someone in their very early 20’s kinda icky, but it’s definitely not the first time.
      Ugh, I just really wish Kevin Clash could have been interested in an older person, even just 5 years older. We still would be like “Oh of course that rich middle-aged man is chasing 26 year olds” but nobody would be wondering if the guy was a pedophile.

  • Ella

    I’ve never been a fan of Elmo. Found him annoying.
    Just so I’m clear, Clash was talking to this guy while he was underage and allegedly nothing happened until after he was legal? Why was this guy talking to an underage kid in the first place? :-/

    • Shannon

      Ella, EXACTLY. Not cool, and yet, completely legal (if indeed they were only talking).

    • Ella

      I’m reading the guy took the allegations back now. I still feel icky about this story. A 23 year old has to have the shakiest of moral compasses if they would put someone through this for money or fame. You have to wonder what this kid’s life was like before he was legal. At risk youth?
      Despite the dropped allegations there is still something shady about Clash talking to this kid before he was legal and then starting a sexual relationship with him. It sounds too much like grooming to me.

  • Alicia Mayo-White

    I think this is a rare situation where saying “it wouldn’t have been so bad if __________” was actually the outcome. As far as we know, the boy (man?) was of age so as ‘creepy’ as it may be perceived there is nothing wrong with it. It’s also not like Kevin was still married and leading a double life, or trying to deny what he did. He seems to have handled things as professionally as possible considering the situation. I think Kevin is an amazing and inspiring artist and I hope that this all can be resolved as quickly and as quietly as possible.

  • Junior

    Everyone’s “ickiness” just goes to show how Americans are still puritanical when it comes to relationships, sexual, May/December and otherwise. I’m grateful to the older men who taught me a few things when I was a teenager and my partners since then would also like to thank them. Now, I’m not condoning older men/women having sexual relations with minors and laws exist for a reason but the reality of what goes on would probably scare most of ya’all!!

  • Hannah
  • laura h
    • Lynne

      Elmo, must have written him a big fat check. Sigh. :/

      The original news saddened me. I love, love Elmo and Kevin Clash. I hope they can all move on from this.

  • Nick Zimmer

    I actually feel bad for Clash. The kid was obviously trying to make a money grab. Regardless of how… icky it sounds, if the kid was 18, no crime was committed.

  • shannon

    Mr. Clash did nothing illegal by the looks of things. His mistake was using Sesame Workshop computers to send personal e-mails to the man in question. I think there could be a problem if someone else comes forward and has some genuinely damning evidence.