Justin Bieber Goes Shirtless On Instagram, Looks Pleased To Be Single


Okay. This is the part where we act like Justin Bieber has never shown off his chesticles online before, and he’s now just doing it to prove that he’s totally over Selena Gomez (even though reports from yesterday stated otherwise). So yeah, Justin Bieber posted the quintessential ‘I’m Officially Single’ pic on his Instagram last night– and don’t act like you don’t know what that picture is, y’all. It usually involves very little clothing and a new tattoo covering up the old one of that guy’s name who you’re totally over now… wait. Sorry, no. Um. It mainly involves very little clothing. Click inside to see what I mean and disregard that tattoo business.

See? The tighty whiteys peeking through. The my-body-is-your-wonderland outstretched arms. He wants us to know that he’s single. And that he’s grown. Except he still looks 15 in the face, which is adorable. HI JUSTIN.

Lol, now in the meantime, E! reports that Selena’s been getting support from family and friends on Twitter:

Her Wizards of Waverly Place costarJennifer Stone tweeted, “That’s why you don’t rob the cradle, because babe’s be trippin’.”

Her onscreen father David DeLuise wrote, “All woman should be treated with respect! Listen up boy @selenagomez,” and added, “@selenagomez See how much fun we have! Thinking about u. Have a great weekend and remember what I told :)”

Sidenote, Selena just became my favorite person because her main photo on Twitter is of Malala Yousafzai. I mean, shirtless pictures are great and all, but I really like that she’s putting Malala’s story out there. Girl after my own heart <3


  • AwesomeMargie

    Ahahaha! Your commentary is the best. And yes about the tattoo business. ;)

    • Shannon

      AwesomeMargie, LOL! Thank you ;)

  • ClaireMichelle

    Look at him trying to be sexy. All I can think is “aww, how cute!” Probably not what he is going for here.

    • Shannon

      ClaireMichelle, I KNOW right?! But I like that he looks like a kid– his fans are too young to handle grown-man sexy. This is age-appropriate for them, lol.

    • ClaireMichelle

      Oh, most definitely. But you know he is trying to look as old and masculine in this picture as possible. *giggle* So cute. And then it worries me how so many people who are much older than him can find this little nugget attractive?

    • ClaireMichelle

      To each their own, I guess!!

  • Brent

    My eyes! MY EYES!

  • Yasmin

    He makes me feel so old. Like too old to remember a time where I wouldn’t have felt like a pedophile looking at him…

  • Joan

    I hope she sticks to her guns. Sometimes people get back together (especially when they are young) just because they don’t allow themselves to “mourn” a relationship and wait for the feelings to change…because they’ll will change, but people have to be willing to ride the hormonal wave of feelings… haha! My fingers are crossed.

    Side note: Right next to Krisbians and Robstens, I think the Beliebers are the scariest fandom on earth. Yikes! They jump on anyone. Including sweet David Deluis. That’s crazy.

    • laurenl

      Dude, Joan, I’m a Twinut and the only reason I’m reading the comments here is to see if the Belieber’s jump in and start a tussle. LOL big time! THEY B CRAY!

    • Joan


  • Ella

    Am I the only one who’s wondering why he has a pacifier in his mouth?

    • Shannon

      Ella, LMAO! I should have mentioned that he was in the studio so I think that’s the mic, lol…

    • NE1

      It’s because he can’t sing live, so the mic has to cover his whole mouth so people can’t tell he’s lipsynching.

    • Shannon

      NE1, LMAO.

  • Natalie

    …….Annnnddd still managing to look like a girl who’s trying to look like a boy.

  • swifty_fan

    Teenage girls sure have changed since I was one. We use to want older hot guys like Brad Pitt not scrawny guys that looked like the guys we went to school with.

  • laurenl

    I really can’t speak up, I used to love NKOTB – who am I to judge!?!?

  • NE1

    He may be 18, but his body is still 12. I don’t see what the fuss is about, maybe he’ll be hot 10 years from now.

  • Sam

    lol what a child lol

  • Megan

    I’ll know I’m old when Justin Bieber actually looks like a man. I don’t even know what I’ll do if I ever look at a picture of him and think he’s hot.