Watch: Kelly Clarkson Releases A Music Video For ‘Catch My Breath’


Last month we got our first listen of Kelly Clarkson’s new single Catch My Breath, the first from her forthcoming greatest hits compilation titled Greatest Hits – Chapter 1 (due out this month). Today we get to see the official music video for the song. Honestly, the video isn’t all that exciting … but the song is a powerful one, no matter what the video looks like. As you may recall, I declared my lurve for the song when it was released last month and I have to say, I love the song even more now. Kelly has an uncanny ability to write these powerpop anthems that seem to fit every mood. Many of her songs have helped me in various circumstances. This song is a new fave for me. As for the video, what do y’all think? Do you like?

  • Juneh

    I love the song! She looks stunning in the video!

  • MJ

    I love it! She’s been my girl for a decade. And yes, Trent, agreed. She releases music that seriously coincides with my life at the time. My December especially was/got me through some tough times.