Watch: Azealia Banks Drops A Music Video For ‘Atlantis’


I’m not sure what the heck is going on in the world of music videos but it looks like folks are really trying to recapture the campy nostalgia of the 90’s in a very disturbing way. Over the weekend, Rihanna performed her new single Diamonds on Saturday Night Live and she did so in front of a green screen that projected trippy, computer screensaver-like imagery (circa 1993) behind her. Right now, we get to see a new music video by Azealia Banks for her song Atlantis that features the same green screen and same 90’s era camp. My guess is that Azealia did it first since her video was finished well before Rihanna’s performance but … no matter who did it first, I hope the trend doesn’t continue for much longer. Until someone puts flying toasters in one of these videos, I am not interested in watching any other campy-ass videos anymore :/

  • lori

    i liked M.I.A’s concept behind using 90s internet themes in her artwork/videos from her last album. but MIA had a reason behind it…. she always has clever intentions. me miss her.

  • Kayla

    This must be the ‘that ish cray post of the day’.

  • Lauri

    And this is the part of the morning where I search for a flying toaster screensaver for my macbook.

  • Mark

    I love Azealia Banks’ video, which I see as her paying homage to tumblr/internet counterculture (which has been churning out this kind of art for YEARS) and the seapunk movement, whereas I feel like Rihanna’s SNL performance is just her co-opting an aesthetic that has nothing to do with her (like she did with London street style in the ‘We Found Love’ video, which is basically an ad for Topshop). Azealia Banks owes her fame to internet culture and is celebrating it but Rihanna (or someone on her team) just saw something, thought it was cool, and stole it. Now we can all look forward to seeing this 90s cyber look in Forever 21 next year.

  • Dee

    this song is horrid…. i’m not even going to talk about the video

  • emily

    Along with what Mark is saying, RiRi is accused of stealing the work from her SNL performance. The artist blasted her on Twitter.
    Since I’m on a serious anti-RiRi binge right now, this just adds fuel to the fire.