Usher Officially Evicts Tameka Foster From His Home, Listing It For $3.2 Million


A little while back we heard that Usher was planning to sell his Georgia estate, even though his ex-wife Tameka was still living there. The singer, who recently caught some flack for skipping the line at a voting poll, is making good on his promise. At the end of September he gave Tameka 60 days to figure it out, and he’s just put the house on the market for $3.2 million dollars. Click inside to learn more.

TMZ has the report:

Usher is finally making good on his threats to evict ex-wife Tameka Raymond from the house she still calls home … officially listing his Georgia mansion for a cool $3.2 million.

Usher bought the 12,544 square-foot pad in 2007 — while still married to Tameka — for $3 million. He officially listed the digs last week.

TMZ broke the story … Usher’s ex has continued to live in the house as part of their 2009 divorce agreement — but in September, Usher made it clear he was planning to sell … and Tameka would be kicked to the curb.

As for the house, it’s pretty huge … 6 bedrooms, 7 baths, 10-foot ceilings, massive pool, in-home gym, 4 fireplaces, a library, and a NASA launch pad. Kidding … NASA doesn’t have funding for this place.

Sources close to Tameka tell TMZ … she is completely unfazed — adding, she runs her own small business and doesn’t need any handouts.

Now what’s interesting about that list bit is that TMZ reported a while back that Tameka was having problems with this business of hers. She allegedly owes $50,000 in back rent for the space where she runs an indoor play center for children. Here’s hoping she’s taken this time to get her own digs because Usher is clearly not footing the bill anymore.  Y’all know I have a soft spot for Tameka so I really do hope everything works out for her.

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