Here Are The Top Five ‘Oh Hell Nawl’ Moments From ‘Penance’, Last Night’s Episode Of ‘Revenge’


I’m not sure, but I think last night’s episode of Revenge was one of my favorites. Ish really and truly started to hit the fan… and it was awesome! Between the drama that popped off on Scandal, and the madness that took place last night, I’m kinda glad we have to wait two weeks for the next episode of Revenge. I’m exhausted! Plus that preview for their Thanksgiving episode looked all kinds of cray, lol. Click inside for more!

Now, honestly? One of the biggest oh hell nawl moments for me came from those damn Neiman Marcus/Target/Revenge ads. I was sooo confused (and a little annoyed) with those, lmao. I mean, don’t get me wrong– those boxes were sexy as hell, but it was just weird, right?

Anyway, on the last recap, a few of you noted that our girl ‘Emily’ appears to have a freezer full of bodies and– yeah– I’m concerned, lol! But I loved this episode because we were reminded of the fact that ‘Emily’ may be crazy, but at least she’s got control… Fauxmanda went buck wild! I loved it! She recklessly took control of the Mason Treadwell situation, as she started to feel like ‘Emily’ and her very organized, very patient style of revenge was getting old. We also got to see ‘Emily’s mom Kara get cray-cray on the Graysons, which was just super fun to watch. Victoria and Conrad need to be on their knees and blindfolded more often, lol. And speaking of the Graysons, our Danny-boy is getting hella ruthless!

I cannot believe he seriously has no problem snatching the company right out from under his pops! And I can’t tell if it’s because he’s just becoming more Grayson-like (and, therefore, greedy as hell) or if it’s because he can’t stand his family and wants the company to become his, so that he can have the upper hand. Either way, his arrangement with Aiden is about to go a really interesting route, now that we know Aiden is really working with ‘Emily’ and Nolan (who was as awesome as usual, this episode) to screw all the Graysons over, including Daniel.

There’s weird stuff popping off at Jack’s bar, because that sketchy guy now has a sketchy brother who seems to be out for his own revenge against Jack and Declan’s deceased father. I have no idea what’s going on there, and– as of right now– I’m not crazy interested either.

This episode also brought us the amazingness of another ‘Emily’/Aiden make out session, but c’mon y’all. Let’s get on with this, lol!

No, seriously. I’m tryna see what Aiden’s twerkin’ with. In my head he’s got abs like Shaun T, the Insanity guy… lol. Okay. Enough fantasizing. Let’s get to it!

Top 5 ‘Oh Hell Nawl’ Moments From ABC’s Revenge, Season 2, Episode 7: Penance

1. Mason Is Officially The Man Who Knows Entirely Too Much

Oh, Mason. You and that damn idea bored, lol. SUCH a bad idea! Now when he rolled up on ‘Emily’ and started accusing her of being ‘Amanda’s lover, I was actually kinda impressed. I mean, aside from the lesbian bit, he pretty much had it all right. They met in juvey. Started a relationship. And then teamed up to do Revenge-y things. And now Mason and his little board have to die, lol! But I loved seeing Mason pull all of this together because I’d been wondering when someone was gonna start to investigate their relationship and the ‘coincidence’ that they met in juvey. ‘Emily’ is good, but she can’t cover alll her tracks and Mason’s kind of taken on the role Victoria Grayson during the first season (when ‘Emily’ and Daniel were dating), by pulling some of her stories apart. Even though a lot of you (hi Joan) hate Mason, I think his return has brought some of the best drama on Revenge.

2. Nolan Gets Angry… Like, Really Angry

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: poor Nolan. Aiden’s been running around putting his company on the line, and then has the nerve to show up at his office (sitting in his desk!!!) asking him for that David Clarke check. I’m honestly confused as to how all this is supposed to work out for Nolan in the end– ’cause it really sounds like that check is gonna be the end of him. But this scene was so fun because of that groan/roar that Nolan let out when he realized he was gonna have to hand that check over (to save ‘Emily,’ although I’m still not fully sure about what that means). LMAO. I was like, I get it Nolan. This girl just doesn’t stop.

Quote It: Okay. I’m mostly ears (Nolan to Aiden)
Quote It: This one time, at Revenge camp… (Nolan to ‘Emily’)

3. Fauxmanda Starts Calling The Shots, Which Means Unapologetic Attempts On Mason’s Life

Ummmmmmmmm, sometimes I forget that Fauxmanda killed a dude back in the day. I mean, she straight up killed that guy who was working for the Graysons. He wasn’t even in as deep as Mason is, but she didn’t like how close he was getting to her and ‘Emily’ so she killed him. Sometimes I forget that, and then she does something like what she did last night and I’m like, oh yeah. She kills people sometimes!

But I loved it! When she started telling Mason that ‘Emily’ was behind it all I got nervous for like two seconds because I was thinking, is she about to snitch on ‘Emily’???!!! But then the more she started talking, the more I was like oh hell nawl, she’s about to eff Mason up, lmao. And I loved that, even after ‘Emily’ walked in on them and tried to stop her, she was still trying to bash him over the head! She’s insane. And a new Mom, so that’s hilarious as well.

Oh, and sidenote… do ya’ll think ‘Emily’ got a teeeeny bit jealous when ‘Amanda’ announced her engagement to Jack? Awwwwk-ward!

Quote It: As of last night, you’re no longer calling the shots. (‘Amanda’ to ‘Emily’)

4. Kara’s Got A Gun

O……EMMMMM….. GEEEEE. Madness, madness, madness. I love this show. I love the Hamptons. I love…. Kara?! LMAO. She’s been scaring the ish out of me (and Victoria) over these past few weeks, but when she came back into town for the sole purpose of blindfolding the Graysons and pulling a gun on them (and, okay, getting their confession) I was elated. After ‘Emily’ and Mason teamed up (the weirdness of which we’ll address next) and Mason told her the truth about David Clarke– mainly that he never killed anyone and was framed for the plane bombing– she abandoned her plans to leave town and made a beeline for Grayson manor. Now she claimed later that she was just trying to scare them into confessing the truth, but I dunno. And the only irksome thing about it (sort of) was that– once again– the Graysons got away! I know we need them, I know Kara couldn’t have possibly killed them, but damn! I just want something to happen to them that they don’t bounce back from, lol. Here’s hoping this scheme ‘Emily’ and Aiden are putting together totally pans out. And how cute is ‘Emily’ in, like, every scene with her mom? She is sooo obsessed with her; it’s really sweet.

Quote It: Sorry. I seem to keep scaring you. (Kara, scaring the hell outta Victoria)

5. ‘Emily’ Confesses All To Mason, Then Teams Up With Him, Then Frames Him, Then Blackmails Him, Then Collaborates With Him

Yo. What just happened?! Wait… so ‘Emily’ saves Mason from the wrath of Fauxmanda, and tells him pretty much everything (she left out the bit about being responsible for the fire that burned down his home and manuscript). Then she does what she always does when someone knows too much– she tries to use them to her advantage. And I loved that moment where she was doing that thing she lurves to do, where she gets in someone’s ear and tells them exactly what to say… except Mason went completely off script and started telling Kara hella stuff, which made her stay (and get at the Graysons). I love that part! Because it was another moment where we got to see how her plans can never fully work because they involve people. And all people have their own issues, their own guilt, their own psyches, their own Daddy issues, etc. And all those issues can come into play at any time, and complicate any plan. But the other cool thing about this moment was that ‘Emily’ was really setting Mason up, by getting him out of the house and having Nolan plant that picture of the gray-haired man on that idea board (see Mason, I told you that board wasn’t a good look for you). So when Mason got arrested, ‘Emily’ showed up to the jail like yeah no. We’re not teaming up, I didn’t tell you everything, I did frame you, and now I’m blackmailing your ass into confessing to those crimes, but don’t worry cause we’re gonna write a bestseller in a little bit and you’ll be fine.


Emily’ is insane. And she looked dumb good in that black shirt.

Whew. So here are the important questions– is Kara really, for real gone? Is Nolan about to be hella broke? And when– for the lurve of all things good and beautiful on this planet– are ‘Emily’ and ‘Aiden’ gonna get it on and poppin’?


  • Franki

    Something about Padma’s bloody footprints didn’t sit right with me, sure it was cute way to get attention, but seriously how many people just walk(not limp) with glass in their foot only to sit down on the floor next to the desk (and not like the couch)…mmmhmm. She’s up to something.

    p.s as crazy Kara-like as I get awaiting Revenge new episodes, I am just as zealously looking forward to your recaps Shannon! You really perfectly capture all the right moments!

    • miguel

      Yeah…and her shoes were like RIGHT next to her…lmao.

    • Shannon

      Franki, so glad you’re still loving the recaps! You know… you make a really interesting point about Padma. I SO don’t want her to have a hidden agenda, but she very well may.

  • aeb

    am i the only one who can’t get past this padma nolan thing because HELLO, didn’t nolan basically say he prefers men last season? and now he’s all head over heels with a girl we know nothing about? something is sketch there, and i don’t want it to end up with nolan getting screwed again.

    • Shannon

      aeb, I’ve been thinking about this too. But I kind of like that Nolan’s sexuality isn’t 100% clear-cut. Still, a lot of y’all distrust Padma, and although I like her, I really do not want her screwing with Nolan either!

    • MJ

      He said he was a “3” in the Kinsey scale, which means bi. I don’t like Padma either, but mostly because I think she’s using Nolan…

    • Shannon

      MJ, I never caught him saying that– that’s HILARIOUS!

    • Cara

      Yeah, he’s totally bi – didn’t you notice the preview for the next episode? I’m pretty sure he’s kissing a guy in his office!! :)

  • Joan

    Shannon, in all fairness, if Mason didn’t nauseate me this much, I would think that he’s the best thing ever! lol He still annoys the hell out of me, though. The way he talks, I mean, Emily nailed it: “As much as we both enjoy the sound of your voice, Mason, why don’t you just get to the point?” THANK YOU, Ems!

    I agree this was the best episode so far this season. And holy crap, when Emily started making out with Aiden, I couldn’t help but think of you and how the angry, make up sex scene was going to make you happy. LOL Anyway, HOW amazing is Nolan? This man, this character… I love him. The things she does for Emily and the late Clarke. I can’t even. He is my favorite person ever on this show. I take him over everyone. Like many others, I have issues with Padma as well. I expect the worst out of her. Deep down I know she’s evil… though I have no way to justify my feelings…YET…lol

    I was so excited about Kara! Man, she did exactly what we expect her too! And it was so worth it. I’ll forgive her for not drowning anyone…YET… lol I bet anything that this is not the last we’ve seen of her. I was fairly sure Fauxmanda was betraying Ems for a second there, and I didn’t like it one bit. I’m glad their messed up sisterhood remains. Though, frankly, I think it’s a pity that she didn’t actually get to OFF the hellz of of Mason’s head! (Man, so close! Ugh. LOL Just kidding.)

    • Shannon

      Joan, you better believe I was thinking of you when Fauxmanda rolled up on Mason, lol! Hope you weren’t too disappointed. But you’re right, he’s got this snake-like characteristic that kinda makes you hate him.

      “I’m glad their messed up sisterhood remains.” LMAO! Me too! Thanks for commenting Joan; you’re a riot

  • Devonte

    You are correct, girl. Exhausted is the right answer. But I am just loving the drama, it is so well written and acted. I’m so glad you pointed out Nolan’s grunt. That was so real to me, how frustrated he was, the only real thing to do was grunt. It was perfect. And how you said, since Emily is dealing with people, her plans don’t always pan out. That is brilliant writing right there. Just superb. (I’m bringing that word back, all I need is a hit song with a guest verse by Nicki Minaj and it’ll be mainstream). Also, yeah, we totes forgot sometimes Amanda kills people…whoops…her crazy has been so tamed, we all totally forgot…the itch is cray, yo. Kara will def come back at sometime…just not anytime soon. I’m really hoping Daniel doesn’t hurt Nolan too bad. But it’s coming. I think Daniel is doing the company takeover just to get back at his parents. But lets not forget, we still have much about The Initiative to worry about and how their assets are hidden in Grayson Global. The Jack drama can def wait on the back burner, we got other stuff to worry about….

    • Shannon

      Devonte, thank you for bringing ‘superb’ back, lol. You bring up a good point about The Initiative’s involvement in all this– this whole NolCorp/Grayson Global drama is really gonna be nuts.

      “The Jack drama can def wait on the back burner, we got other stuff to worry about….” LMAO! Exactly.

  • MJ

    I’m curious to see how it all pans out, but Daniel is counting the NolCorp chicken before it hatches. David Clarke gave Nolan $50k, plus Emily cashed out her part of the investment back in 2006…Padma was introduced because Nolan was being audited. What happened to that? Did I miss that being solved? ‘Cause I think this will all come out eventually.

    As for Mason, Big mistake, Emily. Huge. I’m sure I part of her is tired of hiding, but she should have just gone with the “lovers” thing, for a bit, because Mason knowing the truth while in prison is a huge wildcard…And, btw, I do think Fauxmanda had feelings for Emily. It was pretty obvious when she came to the Hamptons. I wouldn’t be surprised if Emily was aware of this and that’s initially how she started manipulating Fauxmanda.

    • Shannon

      MJ… hmmm I wonder if the audit is still going on– good point! I also couldn’t believe that ‘Emily’ revealed everything to Mason. Every time she has to let someone in, it’s another liability… but it’s gonna make for some good drama.

      And OMG– I ALWAYS thought Fauxmanda had a thing for ‘Emily’! So glad you brought that up. And ‘Emily’ def takes advantage of that, although we’ve been seeing more of Fauxmanda taking control lately, which I kinda like.

    • Joan

      I think that Emily’s decision (regarding Mason) was calculated though. It was part of the plan for two episodes when she said ” this is the beginning of the end for Mason Treadwell” or something like that. I think she used Mason’s GIGANTIC Mason’s ego— his self-interest and quest for ultimate fame— to her advantage. I understand there’s some liability on that, but hey, the man IS into himself and his antics. Plus, the only way he can legally get away with his part on the scheme to frame David Clarke (after all is said and done) is THROUGH Emily’s testimony. I think that’s incentive enough. He needs her more than she needs him, even if it’s for his own selfish reasons.

      As for Padma, she was the accounting analyst of NolCorp, but I think her inquiry about David Clarke’s investment was made on her own accord and not because it was needed for the audit. Which is why she bothers me so much. She took it upon herself for some reason.

  • Au

    Shannon – I think I love reading your recaps more than the show itself – while watching I’m all ‘I bet that makes ‘Oh Hell Nawl’ and then some more crazy pops and I can’t wait to see your perspective – keep it coming!

    • Shannon

      Au, THANK YOU! I’m so glad you guys are still loving these and I love hearing all your thoughts on the episode. This is so much fun, lol!!!

  • Hannah

    I was debating with my husband whether we would go through with the Emily deal if we were Mason. I’m not sure I could keep my mouth shut on the assumption one day she would clear my name of murder charges. That is a little crazy.

    I don’t like the bar side story but I am a little obsessed with the actor that was introduced (the one from HIMYM) so as long as he sticks around I’m ok.

    I was laughing at the whole Neiman Marcus/Target ads, but figured at least it was a little more interesting than lots of regular dept store commercials.

    • Shannon

      Hannah, ahhh I thought that actor looked familiar! My beef with the ads was totally personal. Because I do the recaps I just kept being like wait… is this a story I’m supposed to be following? What’s happening??? What if I can’t figure out a way to explain this in the recap, lmao! But I’m fine now :)

      I was kinda surprised to see Mason agree… kinda can’t believe it’s all gonna be that simple…

  • Tarah

    Shannon!! I thought the episode was great. I loved when Emily told Mason who she really was and took TOTAL control over the situation aka his life.

    Few things I noticed/wondered:
    Why did Mason decide to tell Kara the truth about David all the sudden? Even after Emily was telling him to stop? I honestly don’t believe it was because he was trying to clear his conscience. Not the Mason I know. It makes me feel that he has a hidden agenda.

    It made me feel very uncomfortable seeing Emily get so upset by that. She is usually so cool and collective with those revenge-y eyes! I think it was a great moment to showcase how good she really is, because she handled it so quickly and carefully. That’s my girl! You’re right, Shannon that black shirt was amazing!

    Anyone else notice Kara’s scar on her wrist? At two points in the episode I kept seeing her touch it which I feel has importance in someway. Anyone have any thoughts on it?

    Though I am happy about Aiden and Emily because we all knew it was going to go down, I don’t trust him. Especially with Nolan’s company. I feel that he is Takeda’s eyes and though he wants to be with Emily, whatever is Takeda’s plan that will probably come first. And I feel that Nolan and his company will be the fallout to his plans.

    It looks like the next episode will be a flashback episode. I’m guessing from Daniel’s clothes and hair (More laid-back, college student vibe) but it will be fun to see what it will reveal.

    • Cara

      Oh interesting – I didn’t even pick up on Daniel’s clothes & hair in the preview. A flashback would be totally interesting!

    • Shannon

      Tarah, oooh I’m so glad that you brought up the scars! Since the episode was called Penance and we also saw that moment where Conrad cut himself shaving I thought it might have pointed to some sort of self-harming experience she might have had, or maybe even an attempt at suicide; something to punish herself for things she had done.

      You might be right about Aiden being Takeda’s eyes and I DEF think Mason had a hidden agenda with that confession. We’ll have to wait and seeeee!

  • Cara

    OMG I love, love, love this show! You know a show is GOOD when every episode is BETTER than the last!

    First, I actually kinda liked the ads – they were way better than the usual commercial drivel and we got to see even more of the characters we love… Plus, I loved the band that played in the last segment. Does anyone know who they were?

    So, I don’t think Daniel is becoming more Grayson-like, I think he’s just starting to realize how slimy his dad really is and it’s messing with his sense of right & wrong. I think he’s trying to take over the company because he wants to ruin Conrad and make him pay for all the crap he’s done to screw ppl over. I think Daniel is ultimately a “good guy” deep down.

    Oooo lawd! The ‘Emily’/Aiden makeout session @ the end got me all Fifty Shades kinda excited! I’m sorry, I just LOVE them together. And as I think you (or someone) said in a previous week’s post, he is really the only person who knows *all* of her and still wants to be in it for the long haul.

    LOL: “Quote It: This one time, at Revenge camp… (Nolan to ‘Emily‘)” and “…I’m like, oh yeah. She kills people sometimes!” You crack me up Shannon!

    Oh yeah, that was totally awwwwk waaaaard when Fauxmanda announced her engagement – I thought they should have cut to an ‘Emily’ daydreaming clip about choking the life outta her right there in the kitchen… cause you KNOW that’s what was runnin through her head! ;)

    • Joan

      I hope you are right about Daniel, Cara. This is what I’m hoping for too.

  • Shannon

    cheri, ‘Emily’s revenge tactic with Mason was definitely classic. I keep hearing about Hopper on here… it must be ah-mazing, lol!

  • Mark

    Again, ‘Emily’ has so much time on her hands to watch that security footage. She has dastardly deeds to do, how can she be sitting around watching Victoria getting vajazzled or whatever?
    This episode was everything. Love your comments about Fauxmanda. We do totally forget, thanks to her wide-eyed love of Jack, that she is basically a homicidal crazy person. That shot of her about to club Mason…I died.
    Everything about the Porters is boring and stupid and taking up time that could be spent on Emily’s cleavage, Aiden’s naked body or…I don’t know, shots of Emily/Victoria standing on their porches looking at the ocean? Or just shots OF the ocean. That would be waaaaay more interesting.
    The last scene with Emily and Mason…if we ever needed a reminder that she is the HBIC, there it was.