13.1 In 1:51


In spite of all of the other stuff that is going on in my life these days, my life as a runner is really taking off. I completed my 4th half marathon in a row (5th overall) and to think, I hadn’t run a serious distance just a few months ago. I participated in the Malibu International Half Marathon yesterday and I honestly had a great time. The setting was beautiful and, surprisingly, my performance was my best yet. In my wildest dreams, I was hoping that someday I’d complete a full marathon in 2 hours … yesterday morning, I surprised myself by running the full 13.1 distance in a mere 1:51 minutes! Trust me, no one is more shocked than I am.

I honestly thought that yesterday’s half would be my most leisurely because I was not going to focus on time. I ran the race alone (as opposed to with friends) so I plugged in my earphones and just ran my heart out. I managed to keep up a pretty fast pace by not even thinking about it. Somewhere around mile 5 I surprised myself not only that I was almost half way done (in seeming no time) but my average pace was in the low 8 minute mile range. I tried not to think about it and just focused on the music, on the scenery and on the runners around me. Thankfully they were keeping a fast pace because by keeping up with them, I managed to run faster than ever before. I haven’t received my official finish time yet but my very accurate watch said I completed the half marathon in 1:51:54. It was almost a very perfect day. Almost.

So … my half marathons are done. I only have one 10K to run next week on Thanksgiving day in Detroit. My BFF Sarah is running the Detroit Turkey Trot with me so that should be fun. Then, I fly my buns to Honolulu, HI in early December for my first full marathon. I have some maintenance runs to do in the meantime so … no rest for the weary. All this running tho, it makes for a great distraction.

Happy Monday!

  • karen

    That pace is freaking amazing!! It confirms for me two things: 1) you are a natural runner, and 2) I am not. I’ve run regularly for years (though on a break at the moment) and I’ve never come close to that pace or that distance! It’s awesome that you’ve discovered that your body loves running! I bet it would love cycling, too. (Mine loves surfing!)

    • Beth

      Mine loves cheetos. :)

  • Meghan

    Congrats on your excellent time, Trent! Exercise always makes me feel better. Pour everything into your running and your blog, of course :)

  • Caroline

    Excellent job! 6 months ago I was in the same place (check dailymile.com) and running was key. You did amazing and I’m still fricking awed that you got a PR by so many minutes. Maintenance runs for the marathon win! I can’t wait to read your blog after you finish. It’s like waiting for Christmas.

  • Yasmin

    You’re really an inspiration! It feels like yesterday that you were telling us about your new exercise regimen and your plan to run a marathon in Dezember. It’s really amazing how far you’ve come in such a short time. And it’s all of your own making!

  • cowgirl

    Damn I’m impressed. I’m a ‘sporatic jogger’ (meaning I’ll jog consistently for months, then quit for months).. and I can’t seem to break the 2 mile mark without wanting to fall out. How do you do it?

  • smASH

    That’s so awesome Trent!!! Maybe you can share whats on your running mix that kept you so motivated!

  • helen

    Congrats on the time Trent! keep up the good work, and stay focused on your goal, excercise is not only a good, healthy distraction, you know what they say: excercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy, and happy people just don’t shoot their husbands. They just don’t.


    • @helen — “excercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy, and happy people just don’t shoot their husbands. They just don’t.” Thank you for giving me a reason to smile today

    • helen

      @Trent – you’ve not only made me smile but burst out laughing countless times over the last years. Glad I got to return the favor at least for once :)

  • Trish

    Awesome job! I have been running halfs since 2009 and have not broken the 2 hour mark yet so I am extremely jealous and in awe of you.

    • cowgirl

      Me too Trish! I want to fall out at the 2 mile marker!!! I’ll stop, recover, and jog a bit more, but I just can’t seem to jog much after that. It’s like I shut down at 2 miles???? I also can’t figure out how people run for miles and miles and miles and miles and miles, lol. HELP US TRENT :-)

    • cowgirl

      Nevermind. I see you said “2 hour” and not “2 mile”. I haven’t had my coffee yet, and that’s my excuse. :) However, if you have any tips for me, that’d be great.

    • karen

      Even though I’m not a great runner, I have two suggestions! 1) Run slower. Even if you think you already are running slowly, slow down more. That should enable you to run longer. 2) Insert walk breaks. Walk for a minute or two when you get to 2 miles and then start running again. Or insert short walk breaks before you get to 2 miles. Okay, 3 suggestions: 3) Check out the Couch-to-5k plan (can find it online). It’s a whole plan to get people running 5k in I think 9 weeks. It includes walk breaks in the runs.

  • miguel

    Any tips on running? I’ve been doing it for a while, and just seem to always bust my knees everytime I do so.

  • Sherri Weatherbee Frost

    Erich is doing the 10K at the Turkey Trot (and maybe Chris). Maybe I’ll consider the mashed potato mile :) Love you xoxo

  • mandylala

    Congrats! I’d love to know what you were listening to! :)

  • muchacha

    Yay Trent! Like @karen said, I am convinced you are a natural runner. Can’t wait to hear about your full marathon. If you are in need of some new tunes, I’ve been listening to anything Calvin Harris (Bounce ft. Kelis esp.) and Deamau5 :)

  • Colette

    WOW — congrats. My goal is to one day run a half in under 2 hours.

  • lysistrata

    Very nice time, Trent. I’m still working on breaking the 2 hour barrier, but I’m getting close. You’re going to rock that full.

  • Jstar

    You’re amazing!! Congrats on the great time. My 67 year old mom runs full marathons so i know what it takes to train and keep going! You can do it!! We are all rooting for you!!

  • Shawna Harris

    Trent, congrats you should be so proud! Keep your chin up!