Shaun T Of The ‘Insanity’ Workout Is The Hottest Personal Trainer Ever


So, this week was insaaaane! After spending a couple of days with family in NYC during Hurricane Sandy, the love of my life stumbled across his uncle’s Insanity DVDs. Don’t front like y’all haven’t seen the commercials, lol! The Insanity workout is sweeping the nation and I just completed my fist week of the program. It is… um… insane. Trust me, I’ve tried to find other words but there are no words to describe what personal trainer Shaun T has come up with. Which brings up to the real issue at hand. Shaun T (who totally used to be a backup dancer for Mariah Carey) is hot, and he needs to stop flirting with me during the suicide drills because it’s getting awkward. LMAO. No, but seriously. Working out is no joke! But it’s gotta be done.. especially when you realize that every time Trent posts a half-marathon story, you’re commenting ‘Congratulations’ with one hand and eating a brownie sundae with the other. So between Trent (and that pic of Britney Spears from the summer… and that Rashida Jones photo shoot) I knew something had to be done. And, luckily, I have a hot guy helping me through it. The hot guy is Shaun T, née Shaun Thompson. The love of my life is hot too but this post isn’t about him. Shouts-out, though. Now, peep the gallery to experience the insanity that is Shaun T (and his abs), and click inside to learn more about this week’s Hot-Person-Who-I-Didn’t-Know-I-Was-Into-Until-Recently!

Last week it was all about Chris Messina, but it’s time to celebrate someone whose sexiness is on a slightly different level. And the best part about doing my research on Shaun T was finding out that he was the dude who invented Hip Hop Abs, lol!

I love that he’s, like, so flabby in that video… compared to his Insanity body, lmao! But let me be honest. It’s not just about the physical attraction. You know we try to highlight hot people who have more to them than just bangin’ bodies (i.e. Christina Hendricks). Shaun T is such an amazing guy during the Insanity workout. I legit feel like he’s my firm, but caring personal trainer. He’ll push you so crazy hard and then he’ll be all like, ‘Look into my eyes’ (like, he seriously says that at one point), or ‘take a break when you need to.’ I looove when he says that. I mean, those are the words we’re all waiting for the people in our lives to say, right? Take a break. Le sigh.

Now, fun fact. Shaun T is a newlywed! Just last month he married longtime boyfriend Scott Bloker. Shaun is a very private person, but he retweeted a friend’s pic of the big day:

Congrats to the happy couple… Scott looks like a nice guy. I’m not hating. Not even a little bit. I’m fine over here y’all. Just fine. It’s whatever.

No, but seriously. How hot is Shaun T?!

  • Yasmin

    His body really is insane. And I need to work out. I remember reading about him getting married a few weeks ago but I honestly had no idea who he was. I had heard about the Insanity workout but the commercials don’t air here in Germany, or if they do I haven’t seen them. But yeah, his picture is like the only commercial necessary…

  • Shannon

    Yasmin, ‘his picture is like the only commercial necessary,’ LOL! Yes. Sooo much yes.

  • Brent

    Pardon me. I need to go get some paper towels to wipe the drool off my keyboard. Ummm YUMM. Yeah, that’s the word that comes to mind.

    • Shannon

      Brent, you can borrow some of my paper towels. When I’m finished… wait. What?

    • Brent

      I definitely need to borrow them because when I went to Target earlier I totally forgot to pick some up. LOL!

  • Serena

    WOW!! I bet i could grate cheese off his abs….mmmmm Salty goodness!!

    • Shannon

      Serena, lmao! Yes. I think you could.

  • emily

    OMG, Shannon, I have his Hip Hop workout (got it on Groupon, holla!) and it’s a series of DVDs from 45 min cardio sessions to 30 min total body toning to 5 min abs. I’ve done a lot of workout DVDs and his is my fav. His personality is what makes it awesome. He actually makes me laugh while I’m working out, and so entertaining. I actually played 10 mins for my sister when she visited and she loved it too. We just sat there for 10 min watching a workout DVD! That’s how fun he is! Plus he’s SUPER hot … his body, his personality, his stamina … his new husband is a VERY lucky man. :o)

    • Shannon

      emily, LOL! You know what, he is really funny. the other night after the absolute hardest workout ever (like, he couldn’t even do the whole thing), he fell flat on the floor and was like ‘That sh– was bananas.’ I was CRACKING up– can totally see how could you watch him for no reason other than to watch him, lol.

      LMAO at ‘his body, his personality, his stamina’!!! I know– he’s got it all!

    • emily

      LOL Shannon! I can TOTALLY hear him saying that! I’m not adventurous enough for Insanity, but I’m quite impressed with your gumption. Get it girl! And tell Shaun I said “Hello Hottie!”

  • Whit

    I love Shaun T, but I have yet to complete insanity! I’ve been trying for a year now and although he’s good to look at I never finish. I’m going to start again this week just because of this post. I

    • Shannon

      Whit, I just started the second week. It’s NO joke, as you well know. Honestly, I wouldn’t be able to do it alone, I don’t think. But when he says ‘rest when you need to’ I’m always like HELL YEAH, lol. That’s my strategy for now. Hope you have fun on the next go (the fun part mainly being when each workout is over).

  • Lulu

    Oh em geee!!!! sigh :)

    • Shannon

      Lulu, agreed.