Let’s Review Kristen Stewart’s Fall 2012 Fashion Looks

The Good, The Bad, And Those Amazing Louis Vuitton Shorts

So, last week we had an interesting debate on the hot-or-not-ness of Kristen Stewart’s look at a screening for On The Road. I was totally gushing over her Balenciaga outfit, but some of you were just not feelin’ it at all. I still can’t get that outfit out of my head and I’ve had a lot of fun over the last few months checking out pics of the actress at her various premieres. Sometimes she hits, sometimes she misses, and sometimes… she even smiles! Peep the gallery to check out all the highs and lows of Kristen Stewart‘s fashion journey this Fall. It’s hard to pick a fave (I still love her recent Balenciaga outfit and that Louis Vuitton checkered getup), but I think my favorite pics are the ones of her in the yellow Balenciaga jacket. She rocked it during Paris Fashion Week, and she looked so damn happy! More of that, Kristen! It looks good on ya.

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  1. Shivers
    Commented on this photo:

    There’s just something about this girl that screams SLOPPY to me. I think it’s a combo of the hair, the ever present raccoon eye makeup and the attitude. She seems so out of place in all these clothes, like she’d rather be in jeans and a wife beater. And she hasn’t really mastered the photo stance.

    Maybe I just don’t like HER. That’s probably it.

  2. Natalea

    I have to give it to KStew, girl has upped the ante in the wardrobe department. I’m in love with the Zuhair Murad Couture as well as the black/white Balenciaga. Also, props to her makeup artist Beau Nelson. Kristen is naturally pretty, but Beau has worked some magic lately. I think she actually looks less uncomfortable at red carpet events as well. But girl, step up your game in interviews! You make US feel awkward.

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