Watch: Anne Hathaway Brings ‘Les Misérables’ And ‘Homeland’ To ‘Saturday Night Live’


Last week we heard that Anne Hathaway would be hosting Saturday Night Live for the third time in her career, which is awesome! In the opening monologue, Anne was her usual amazing self and I love, love, love that she played up on her upcoming movie Les Misérables. She had the whole cast singing this ridiculous number about Sundays and Mondays, and it was hilarious. But when Anne opened her mouth to sing, I was just in awe. I know we’ve heard her sing in the promos for Les Mis, but damn! She can really, really sang. Truthfully, I wasn’t loving a lot of the skits from this week (except for the McDonald’s Firing and Weekend Update with Drunk Uncle… loved those) and, although Rihanna performed, I’ve been feeling a bit… um… emotionally detached from her. Still she gave a good performance of Stay, which I’ll share shortly. Peep Anne’s opening monologue above and click inside for a few more skits from last night’s show. And to all our PITNBRS who can’t watch the videos in Canada– I know, it’s a bummer. Shouts-out to y’all!

Mitt Romney on a Balcony

Weekend Update with Drunk Uncle

Weekend Update with Barack Obama


McDonald’s Firing

Girlfriends Talk Show


  • Emma

    Us PITNBRS in Scotland can’t watch those vids either :(. Sad! I love me some Anne Hathaway

    • Shannon

      Emma, bummer! She’s awesome– hope you get to see Les Mis soon then :)

  • Ashley

    Ann has a pleasant voice but you didn’t put my favorite sketch of SNL last night of Kate Mckinnon doing Ellen? It was so funny and I laugh so hard.

  • Diana

    Ugh, NBC really needs to change its policies. Every time I fall for it, I go to watch one of the SNL links you post and of course I can’t, because of my location. Grrrr…. Sorry for the rant. :)

    • Diana

      P.S. I’m in Austria.

  • Andy

    I didn’t even pay attention to the comedy aspects of the monologue, I was mesmerized by her beautiful voice. Christ can she sing!!!