Watch: Never Shout Never Releases A Rockin’ Retro Video For ‘Magic’

Who Are These Guys And Why Do I Love Them?
Indie Pop Magic

So, let’s all take a moment to recover from the Barack Obama/Terry Richardson photo shoot with a new jam. Never Shout Never is a band I’d never heard of until today. MTV highlighted their new video for Magic on Buzzworthy and I kind of fell in like with them immediately! An indie pop band from Missouri, Never Shout Never is sending me some very soothing, very positive vibes this morning. And what a morning it’s been. I’m loving this song and I love the very unique, very retro feel of the video. But mainly, I love the brilliant (and yet, almost cheesy) line I got 69 problems and a witch ain’t one. I mean, that’s just awesome, lol! I also can’t help but think of that amazing song from Petite Meller, NYC Time. Ahhh, I’m in a happy place now. Anybody else heard of these guys? Am I late?


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  1. I’ve known NSN since 2007, so maybe you’re a little late, just a tad ;) Their sound has changed since I first heard them, because at first it was just the singer and his guitar. I still like them, but I prefer when it was just Chris singing :)

  2. smASH

    Yeah I’ve had their (or rather Chris’s) music for awhile and it’s pretty good. They usually have a good beat and clever/cheery lyrics. Glad you like them!

  3. I’ve loved these guys forever. Their music just makes me happy. Definitely check out their past stuff.

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