Heidi Klum Attends The Press Conference For MTV’s Europe Music Awards


Heidi Klum showed up at the press conference for the 2012 MTV Europe Music Awards and she looked so ridiculously good, and so nice, and so wholesome, I can almost put those pictures (that I secretly did like) of Obama by Terry Richardson out of my mind. Sigh. Thank you Heidi. Apparently, a host of other celebs are over in Frankfurt, Germany where this year’s awards are being held. Carly Rae Jepson (who’s in the middle of the most hilarious lawsuit ever) and Ludacris were also in the building. Luda, apparently, was letting everyone know that he has a ‘huge crush’ on Heidi. Uhhh yeah, Luda. Join the club. Peep the gallery for more! And, please, somebody get me those shooooes! Love!

Photo Credit: Splash News

  • Yasmin

    This is all happening like 40 minutes away from where I live. Which I realize isn’t that big of a deal for people living in New York or LA, but… ok it isn’t really a big deal for me, either, it’s not like I’m going! But I will watch the EMAs tomorrow, like every year. And I really don’t like Heidi. Which, in my defense, I think has a lot to do with the fact that she’s much more annoying in german than she is in english for some reason. I used to watch Project Runway and she comes across so much more likable and just generally less annoying than she does every time she opens her mouth on german TV. No idea why that is. I’m really excited to see Luda! I think he’s just presenting, though.