First Listen: Alicia Keys Release A New Single Titled, ‘Brand New Me’


The incomparable Alicia Keys is gearing up for the release of her fifth studio album Girl On Fire. We’ve already seen the kinda weird, kinda pretty-looking video for the title track (which PITNBR Brent actually enjoyed, for good reasons) and now she’s dropping the second single, Brand New Me. The song was co-written by my girl Emile Sandé, who just picked up the Harper’s Bazaar Musician Of The Year award. I’m a little conflicted over this track; Brand New Me has a very smooth, ballad-like feel to it and, while I do like it, I guess I just don’t love it. Then again, I also know I’m not the biggest AK fan in the world. Check out the song above and tell me what you think. Alicia’s voice sounds good, (and I do love the bridge which begins around the 2:40 mark), I’m just not head over heels for the entire production. However, I’m still crazy-psyched for that Frank Ocean collaboration! Hopefully we’ll get to hear that one soon.

Girl On Fire debuts on November 27.


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  • romesf415

    LOVE!!! So much better than the first single Girl on Fire. I like that it sounds different and her vocals are off the chains!!!! As usual, it’s an inspirational song that peeps are gonna love!!! Have a glass of wine and listen to it again!

  • nicole

    hmm not sure if i like it or not. but its 100 times better than that first single

  • Matthew

    Girl on Fire had a better hook. After 2 listens you were walking around with that chorus part humming in your head all day.

    This one is lyrically better. Both are pretty solid IMO, but I agree with Shannon, so far neither are complete KO’s. Still better than some other things out there though and I like this direction.