Comedian Katt Williams Is Being Sued For $5 Million For Assaulting His Assistant


This is just sad. Katt Williams really could have had class, he coulda been a contender! Instead of a bum, which is what it sounds like he’s becoming. Katt was my favorite stand-up comic for a while and then he started getting into hella legal trouble and, sadly, we started seeing less and less of him. I mean, I love me some Kevin Hart, and some Louis C.K. but there’s no one like Katt. At least on stage there isn’t. Off stage… there are, unfortunately, a lot of guys like Katt. The comedian was recently accused of punching his assistant– a young woman named Melissa– in the face, causing permanent injury. The woman is now suing for $5 million, which is about how much I would want if Katt Williams punched me in the face. Click inside for more.

TMZ has the story:

More legal trouble for Katt Williams — the comic has just been sued for $5 million after allegedly socking his female assistant …. and causing her permanent injuries.

Melissa Ishage filed the lawsuit in L.A. County Superior Court, claiming she’d been working as Katt’s personal assistant — but on October 6th, things suddenly went sour at Katt’s house … when Katt attacked her, punching her and causing her “serious and permanent injuries.”

Melissa doesn’t explain why Katt flew into a rage — but claims she had to go to the hospital as a result of the beatdown … and now she wants at least $5 million from Katt to call it even.

Melissa’s attorney tells us, his client claims Katt struck her in the head and knocked her to the ground. The lawyer says police were called to the scene but no one was arrested. The incident is currently under investigation.

Now this story isn’t crystal clear to me. For example, I don’t know how someone could have called the cops to the scene of the alleged altercation, and no arrests were made. But ultimately, I really hope this story isn’t true. Unfortunately, Katt has been on a downward, [supposed] drug-induced spiral for some time. The news makes me so sad so I haven’t even really been keeping up with everything (which is why I’m just now learning that he lost custody of one of his children last year). Here’s hoping he gets some serious help soon; we all know how badly things can go if drugs are, indeed, the problem.