Beyoncé Shares A Belated Hallowe’en Photo On Her Tumblr


The whole world lost their mind the other day when Beyoncé joined Instagram. And by ‘whole world’ I mean ‘331,000  people’ all of whom have started following her since Wednesday. I’m still waiting to see more snaps of that beautiful baby Blue, but in the meantime we’ve got a new pic from Bey’s Tumblr. It looks like the singer dressed up as The White Rabbit from Alice In Wonderland (I’m assuming this was a Hallowe’en pic… unless she just does this sometimes, lol), and it’s pretty cute. Click inside for more!

Cute right? And I kind of want a pocket watch now. Although… I can’t help but feel like she took this at Terry Richardson’s crib, lmao. Anyhoo, Bey might as well go ahead and throw up some new pics of Blue Ivy on that Instagram now. Like, now.

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  • cmc

    I wish she’d go darker on her hair color! But yeah, very cute pic!