Watch: Rihanna Releases A Music Video For ‘Diamonds’


In late September Rihanna released her new single Diamonds, the first from her forthcoming new album titled Unapologetic. In late October, she began filming the music video for the track. Today we get to see the official music video for Diamonds in full. While my fandom of Rihanna is waning like a motherf*cker, I was hoping the video would be a good once since I kinda, sorta like the song. The video, I must admit, isn’t terrible but it’s also not anything worth gushing over. I’m posting the video because there is no direct reference or appearance by Rihanna’s rekindled boyfriend … but it’s his inclusion on her Unapologetic album that will force me to take a pass when it gets released this month. BUT, that’s just me. What do y’all think of the music video for Diamonds? Are you impressed?

  • Devonte

    Umm…I haven’t gone snooping for comparison pics because I can’t bring myself to care THAT much, but who’s tattooed are is that that she is clutching…if memory serves correct, CB has arm tattoos.

    • Shannon

      Devonte, I heard the same– that CB really is in the video. At the very least, they’re playing up on the fact that that could very well be his arm. Ridiculous.

  • Mark

    Is it just me or has Rihanna become the ultimate celebrity troll? It’s like, oh look Rihanna’s smoking a blunt full of diamonds to remind us all that she is richer than we will ever hope to be. And her tattooed love interest in this video is for sure supposed to resemble He Who Shall Not Be Named. I am getting really fed up with her. She wants to be ‘Unapologetic’ and have her private life to herself, yet she keeps shoving her bad personal decisions down our throats.

    • apriljan

      @Mark — “oh look Rihanna’s smoking a blunt full of diamonds” LOL!!


  • nicole

    well…that was just a mess.

  • Joanna

    Well it wouldn’t be a Rihanna video if she didn’t touch someone’s area, be it her own or someone else’s. It just makes her look trashy and not sexy. Song is one that is growing on me, but I’m not in love. Trent I agree that she made a horrible judgement by including He Who Shall Not Be Named on her album. I’ve sworn off any songs HE done since the incident. He has lost my respect for him not only as a person but as an artist. My boyfriend thinks that my personal feelings towards him should not influence if I enjoy a song of his or not. He doesn’t like him for what he did but he will usually listen to one of his songs if it’s either on the radio or he’s guesting on songs buy some of his favorite artists.

  • Colton

    The video is totally dope & so is the song! She looks beautiful, sweet style & we are looking forward to the tour too. #EnjoyLife #Don’tBelieveEverythingURead

  • Sam

    Kinda boring

  • lori

    why does she sing like an opera singer? shoooonnne broooooooghhhhttt youuuu ooooonnndddd iiiiiii

    the “o” sound on words that don’t have an actual O in them is annoying. woulda been better if she sang that normally.. anyone know what I’m talking about?

    • Sam

      I feel like she’s trying veeeerrry hard to sound like Sia. I know she wrote the song, but common girl, not everyone can sound like Sia! It just sounds like a mediocre impression at best.

    • @Sam — “I feel like she’s trying veeeerrry hard to sound like Sia” Yes, that is my biggest criticism of the song.

  • blaqfury

    I like the song, the video is ok… it’s not horrible, but it’s not great either. I don’t know… i really could careless about her personal life, If she wants to date Breezy so be it, I don’t expect her to hide it cause 90% of the world disapproves of it. She’s a grown woman. But who she dates has no bearing on whether i’m going to stop buying her (or his) music if i like it.