Watch: Jennifer Lawrence And Bradley Cooper Shine In The New ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ Promo Spots


Silver Linings Playbook is really gunning for some Academy Award lurve, and they just might get it. Back in July we saw the first trailer, which got me really excited, based on the chemistry I was seeing between Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence. Then a second trailer was released in September, and one of the lines from Robert DeNiro totally had me tearing up, lol. It was awesome. Now the studios have released four new promo spots; we’ve seen┬ámost of the footage between the two trailers, but there’s definitely some new stuff, and I’m loving the fact that Chris Tucker is all up in this madness. Peep the clip above and click inside for three more clips with new footage!

Silver Linings Playbook hits theatres in limited release on November 16 and goes national on November 21.


  • ClaireMichelle

    Ahh, the more I see of this movie the more I am dying to see it!! Just release it already! I mean, I was sold when I saw set pictures of Jen and Bradley filming last year! I just wanna see it!! >:)

    Also, this film gives me hope that someone my age could date Bradley Cooper. If Jen can, then I can!!! Haha. ;)

    • Shannon

      ClaireMichelle, keep hope alive, girl ;) And yes, this looks so fun! We’ve got about a week to go– you can make it, lol!

  • Jessica

    Can’t wait to see this – thanks for keeping us updated!
    Great editing on the Alabama shakes video. Every time I see a new part of a clip I laugh right on cue. Love the quirkiness!

    • Shannon

      Jessica, you’re welcome! I agree- there’s just the right amount of quirk in this one. I think it’ll be fun :)

  • Sam

    I saw two very different trailers for this movie. One before “Looper” and the other before “Pitch Perfect”. They were really going for different audiences because, while it’s not my type of movie to begin with, the trailer before Looper was sooooo much better and well edited. The one before Pitch Perfect was a mess and tried so hard to make it look really romantic comedy-ish! funny how a trailer can really make or break the interest in seeing a movie

  • Lulu

    I read the book, and as much as I HOPE I love this movie because of JL.. I’m worried it’s going to be a hot mess. They changed some things that I am just not digging.

    We’ll see. :p