Watch: It’s Brad Pitt Vs. Zombies In The First ‘World War Z’ Movie Trailer


For the past year or so there have been mutterings about the reported problems with production of the forthcoming big screen adaptation of the zombie novel World War Z which stars Brad Pitt. A few months ago, I heard about reshoots that led many folks to believe the film was in serious trouble. Today we get our first look at the first official trailer for WWZ and from the look of this video, I’d say those reports of “problems” were grossly incorrect. It’s possible that the film producers managed to “fix” the film with those reshoots but the film presented in this 2 and a half minute trailer looks really intense … and good. I’m not crazy about zombies who have the ability to run superfast (I guess I’m a traditionalist here, I like my zombies to stumble and amble along in search of braaaaaaains) but they do make actions scenes in movies like this really exciting. Take a look at the trailer above and see what you think. Does World War Z look like a keeper to you?

  • Amy

    I do think it looks good, but nothing at all like the book. I want to see all those stories that were in the book. I don’t even know where this family would fit in (it’s been a few years). We were in Glasgow when this was filming last year. Amazing how you can get off six hour plane ride from NJ and end up in Philadelphia ;-)

  • Willak27

    again with the running zombies? i want the slow ones :(

  • Sam

    Damn, this looks pretty good!

  • Jessica

    love whose son the book was written by!

  • Andrea

    This looks crazy! Can’t wait to see it!

  • Aimie Hamilla McPhee

    omg, those zombies look like swarms of bees or something. really cool.