Watch: Britney Spears Releases A NEWER Commercial For Her ‘Fantasy Twist’ Perfume


Early last month we got to see the first TV commercial for Britney Spears’s new fragrance Fantasy Twist. It would appear that Britney’s people were not happy with that commercial because it’s been pulled offline and replaced with a newer, much fresher commercial. Check out the video above and see the the commercial in a whole new light … with new music. It’s amazing how the use of better music can make a commercial we’ve already seen look (and sound) so much better.

  • nicole

    i think the song kind of takes away from it, it just doesnt seem to fit.

    • JCZ

      Agreed. The other song (I think Goldfrapp from what I read) was loud and edgy that fit the changing personas.

      This is weird. It’s Gasoline from FF, that is edited to remove the ‘Oh’s’ at the beginning. That alone sounds weird. But she stopped what little promotion she did for FF and never released it as a single.

      If it’s one thing that hasn’t changed, it’s the stupid moves her team/label make. I can’t help think Britney would be so much bigger if she changed labels earlier in her career, at least compared to nowadays. It’s not like her label/team stopped trying after Brit became a robot with no enthusiasm with her work – they’ve continually made bad decisions since the Britney-era.

  • lori

    um. perfect idea of 2 in 1 for perfume. i love that. i thought ofi t while travelling…. why not have a bottle with different compartments to pour 3 of ur fav perfumes… loves it.