Lindsay Lohan Cancels Her ’20/20′ Interview With Barbara Walters


As we know, things have been fairly quiet on the Lindsay Lohan front recently. And by ‘fairly quiet’ I mean she’s facing jail time for lying about her role in a car accident that took place last June, but she hasn’t been in any fights with her Mom, and she hasn’t had to call the cops on her Dad. So yeah. Fairly quiet. And the actress also had a highly-anticipated interview scheduled with Barbara Walters (a Sarah Lawrence alum… holla) on 20/20, in which she was supposed to talk about her work on Liz & Dick, and clear up a lot of things up (whatever that means) for viewers. But she’s totally over that now and the interview has just been cancelled. Click inside for more! It’s LiLo!

E! has the story:

The highly anticipated interview with the troubled star and 20/20’s Barbara Walters, which was supposed to air Nov. 16, will not be happening anymore, since LiLo has reportedly decided not to appear, according to Deadline.

So why did she pull the plug?

A source told the site that Lohan and her new PR team were dissatisfied with the direction ABC wanted to take the interview.

Sources told E! News that Walters went to the set of Liz & Dick during production, where Lindsay showed her some behind-the-scenes action and participated in some interviews. This would have been paired with a new, no-holds-barred interview that Lindsay was scheduled to do with Barbara, for a prime-time special.

The actress has recently become a client of Rogers & Cowan after her former publicist, Steve Honig, quit in late October. Honig, however, declined to elaborate on why he chose to leave his job, telling E! News, “I’m not discussing this out of respect for my client.”

Lohan’s rep has not yet replied to request for comment.

Aw, bummer! Now I’m not sure that I was actually planning to watch this, but I definitely would have been excited to read Trent’s breakdown of the interview, which would have been sooo awesome. Damn Lindsay! Always messin’ up a good thing, lol.

No, but seriously. Something tells me that no interview could paint LiLo in a very positive light at this point, so her publicists probably made the right decision for her. What do y’all think? Does Lindsay Lohan need to do some kind of interview (to, um, help with her public image), or should her priority be doing her job and staying out of jail?


  • First off, LMAOOOOOO to your description of things being “fairly quiet” in the land of L. Lo. Secondly, you are absolutely correct … no serious interview would be able to paint her in a positive light … which is too bad because ‘Liz & Dick’ will fail hard if she doesn’t promote it … then she’ll get flak again for having another failure on her resume … then she may spiral down again … it’s a vicious circle. Until Lindsay is able to publicly discuss her troubles and come to terms with them personally (ie. like folks in AA have to first admit they have a problem before they can get better) then she has no chance at making a comeback. None.

    • Shannon

      Trent, NO ONE does a Lindsay post like you– I’m just trying to get on your level, lol :)

      You’re so right about the AA thing. And honestly, I know plenty of people who just cannot take responsibility for anything; it’s hard! But it really is the first step. Here’s hoping she can find some way to break the cycle.

  • lori

    lindsay lohan is too much of a narcissist to admit her faults. it may never happen.

  • Liz

    “My name is Lindsay Lohan. It was my fault that…” Repeat that 50 times.

  • Shaky

    enough is enough,leave Linsey Lohan alone,get on with life.I am sure that Ms. Lohan, would like some privacy and who knows what will happen.