Kate Moss Is Nude And Amazing And NSFW In The December ‘Vanity Fair’ Cover Shoot


This new photo shoot serves as the perfect reminder as to why Kate Moss is still (after over two decades) a household name. I’m not a Fashionista, so I haven’t spent hours pouring over her work, but damn! Cat-eye never looked so good (sorry Lana), and… well… then there’s the body. We just had our first Kate Upton post and the newest blonde bombshell got some criticism for her lackluster poses. Now Moss isn’t doing anything cray-cray in this shoot, but she sure knows how to werk. Maybe Upton will snatch up this issue of Vanity Fair… I know I’m seriously considering getting a copy. Click inside for more NSFW madness!

Kate Moss For Vanity Fair, Photography by Mert & Marcus

Sooo, yeah. That’s what Kate Moss was doing one Sunday afternoon. And, no, I can’t confirm that this shoot took place on a Sunday– but look at her. This shoot clearly took place on a Sunday, lmao! Sorry, the perkiness of it all is making me hella delirious. Love it!

What do you guys think of this shoot? Of all the things I’m seeing here, I really want her manicure the most. What’s that all about?


  • apriljan

    I like the 60’s vibe this shoot has.

    However, holy nudity, Shannon. I would have liked a disclaimer. :-x

    • Shannon

      apriljan, the title does say ‘Nude,’ lol! But you’re right– lemme get a ‘NSFW’ up in there. Thanks :)

  • James

    Wow, you know I’ve always associated Kate Moss with the dark heroin chic style she revolutionized, but these shots are stunning! It’s so great to see her in such a soft, feminine way. Not so androgynous, but just as high fashion as she was in the beginning of her career. And you’re right Shannon. I love Lana Del Rey, but Kate Moss totally owns the cat eye look. Very Marilyn Monroe, and it gives a nod to her edgier style.

    • Shannon

      James, I know what you mean. I think in the past I’ve even stayed away from any news about her, just because I’m vaguely aware of the controversy that her particular look caused. But these photos were just too good to ignore and– like you say– it’s a different look from the one we’re used to associating with her.

  • Donny

    Kate Moss is a supermodel. Maybe the best ever. There’s an argument to be made for Linda Evangelista. Then there’s Karlie Kloss who, in my opinion, is the best model working today.

    • Shannon

      Donny, I looove Karlie!

  • CherryCola

    I dont know why people are so offended with nudity seriously? We were all born that way, and it should be celebrated as pure and honest, not taboo and dirty.