Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Are DUNZO!!!!!!!


So, I kinda hate myself for blogging about this in the middle of the night (I’m still on Eastern Time as I’m still in Detroit) but this is the kind of thing that you have to blog about as soon as it happens. Longtime lovebirds Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have BROKEN UP, y’all! According to E! News’s Marc Malkin, Justena decided to end their relationship a week ago and are only just now making the news public. While there are a horde of diehard Beliebers out there who must be thrilled that Selena and Justin are no more, I know there are other folks who will be heartbroken that this young love affair has come to end. Selena and Justin are dunzo!!

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have gone their separate ways. They broke up about a week ago, a source exclusively tells E! News.
“Because of their crazy schedules, it was getting harder and harder to maintain a relationship,” the source says. Rumors that the adorable twosome had split started gaining traction in the last couple of weeks, but hit a high note just last night when Bieber, 18, was spotted seeing The Lion King on Broadway with a group of people that included 19-year-old Victoria’s Secret model Barbara Palvin. Gomez, 20, and the Biebs went public with their romance in February 2011 when they attended the Vanity Fair Oscar party together … No surprise, but many rabid Bieber fans have had it in for Gomez since day one, frequently attacking her via the Internet. “It hurts, it really does,” she once told Z100 radio in NYC. “I don’t feel like I’m doing anything wrong. I’ve been best friends with him for a very long time. It does hurt my feelings a lot, but I try not to focus on it.” Here’s hoping they can still be friends.

Wow, this is a shocker, ain’t it? Honestly, I had drafted a post yesterday about the rumor that Justin was asking Victoria’s Secret models for their phone numbers but I decided to scrap the post because it seemed so silly and unbelievable (unbelievable mainly because The Biebs still looks so much like a child) but, dang, I bet homie was hoping to score some digits from those lovely ladies. I’m sure the world will continue to turn now that Justena are no more but … it’s kind of hard to believe how love of *any kind* can survive in a world where Selena and Justin are broken up :( Sad Sad Sad :(


  • nicole

    this isnt so much a shocker..its more like..wow i cant believe it took this long to happen.

    • Joan

      LMAO, dear lord, tell me about it! I never shook off the feeling that she could do so much better than the Bieber child. More than sad, I’m a little relieved, haha, which is silly…but still…

  • ClaireMichelle

    Ahh, young love coming to an end. Hopefully now Selena can date someone a little more masculine and a lot more mature. ;)

    Also, you just know that the Beliebers who absolutely hated Selena when she started dating Bieber are now going to hate her for breaking up with him. The girl just can’t win with some of those Beliebers.

  • nicole

    so gossip cop just confirmed that Selena broke up with him because she had trust issues with him…i dont know why, but that made me laugh. i kind of cant wait to see who each of them end up with next and i dont know why.

    • Ella

      I would really appreciate it if this little prick would go away now. He just has douche written all over him. And if he cheated? How embarrassing for Selena.

    • nicole

      ha..douche is putting nicely.

  • miguel

    Hell yeaah! “Write” that killer break up anthem for 2013 Sel-G!!

  • Megan

    Fair play to them, their relationship lasted longer than a lot of Hollywood marriages.

  • JCZ

    She’s obviously now thought, I’ve grown up, so why not look for a guy who is grown up too? Not a Canadian kid, who was a normal boy, that adopted a “grew up in the Bronx, I bleed hip-hop, this is swag” persona for the price of fame and god knows what reason why?

    He doesn’t fool anyway and comes across as just a marketing toy. If he perhaps acted the way he really is, he might gain some respect from people other than teeny-bopper girls who are so weird they faint at the sight of a person 100 feet away. He might be laughing to the bank filthy rich, but he will soon enough want to be himself when he is older and we’ll see Britney 2.0v.Male of the this decade.

    +1 Selena

    • nicole

      hey now…couldn’t we just say didn’t need a kid..there’s nothing wrong with a Canadian man,

  • Megan

    Aww, I feel bad for them. Breaking up after 2 years is hard no matter what age you are. I am surprised the Biebs stayed in a relationship that long though, considering all the girls he could be getting. Selena is hot though, I’m sure her next boyfriend will actually look like a man. Can’t wait to see who she ends up with! As long as it’s not Taylor Launter.

  • ClaireMichelle

    Umm… Based on all of Selena’s friends tweets I would say Bieber either cheated on her with this Barbara VS model, or something close to it because her friends are all ripping Bieber apart. Selena is definitely going to find someone better than him.

  • Luna

    Bieber and VS supermodel together? Oh please. The girl is way too good for him. I seriously don’t know what these girls find appealing in a boy who looks like a freaking girl.

  • Canadian Girl

    I think this is a real sad day… these two are kids and they were cute together.. you haters need to stop being so jealous of a match made in heaven. I hope they find happiness in whatever the future holds!!

  • Canadian Girl

    JCZ – you need to check your manners at the door, if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it at all… What’s Justin being Canadian have to do with anything…