Here Are The Top Five ‘YesPlease, MoreThankyou’ Moments From Last Night’s Episode Of ‘Scandal’: ‘All Roads Lead To Fitz’


You know… there are so few things that are actually worth the wait in life. The Dark Knight Rises was one of them. Babies can also be pretty cool. But otherwise, I can’t staaaand waiting… which is why it pained me to hear (after the last episode ended) that we would have to wait two whole, unbearable weeks for another episode of Shonda Rhimes’s Scandal. Madness!!! However, this new episode was so ridiculously cray, on so many levels it was actually totally and completely worth the wait. Like, I needed all the drama, glory, and insanity that was these past two weeks so that I could mentally and emotionally prepare for this episode. So yeah, let’s recap this business inside!

Ugh! I love this show so much it huuurts! No, seriously. I mean, after last week’s episode all I wanted to know was WTF that roundtable (Olivia, Mellie, The Judge, Hollis, Cyrus) was all about. And I loooved that as soon as this episode started– BAM! There they were. We didn’t get all of our questions answered (like we ever would, with Scandal), but it was a great start to the show. Although I seriously missed President Fitz (remember he invited Liv to go with him on his trip to Japan and when she basically declined, he broke up with her… as if he could live without her, lol), it was kind of cool to see the cuteness popping off between Olivia and her ex-boo the Senator. He’ll make a nice rebound guy or whatever. Ouch. But yeah. In other cuteness, we also had Huck and his self-help group addict (as in, she’s seriously addicted to attending self-help groups), and David and Abby who are still doin’ the damn thing (did y’all see Abby’s corset– crazy sexy, lol). But the absolute best romantic drama of the episode came from Cyrus and his husband James. I mean, do you love them or what?! First of all, let’s be real. You kinda forget that Cyrus is gay sometimes (which is brilliant on the part of Shonda Rhimes because it forces us to rethink our own prejudices and stereotypes). So when hubbie popped up and went back to work… OMG. It was amazing. He made him so cray Cyrus had to go kick it at Olivia’s house just to recover. This moment was hilarious:

And the Gladiators had the ill case to take on with the Governor and his faithfully-challenged wife– loved this storyline (especially the revenge-y twist at the end). So let’s get to it! Oh, wait, can we just take a moment to acknowledge all the amazing 70s soul music that always gets played when the Gladiators start getting to work?


Okay. Thanks guys.

The Top 5 ‘YesPlease, MoreThankYou’ Moments From ABC’s Scandal, Season 2, Episode 5:
All Roads Lead To Fitz

1. Ohhh So, That’s What This Roundtable Is All About!

The world of politics is stupid scary. And by ‘world of politics’ I mean ‘Hollis.’ When the episode opened up with Mellie freaking the freak out about the meeting, I felt like we knew everything we needed to know about the roundtable group. And by ‘everything’ I mean ‘very little,’ lol. But the important thing is that Mellie looked shook; she did not want to be in that meeting. It kinda reminded me of those few times we’ve seen Victoria Grayson looking scared on Revenge– you know it’s gotta be some serious ish for these ladies to lose their cool, lmao! And in this scene we also got to see that Hollis (the Southern gentleman) is really at the center of all the fear. When everyone kept yelling Hollis, you freelanced! I was like WTF?! WTF is freelancing, and when did it start sounding like blowing up offices?! This was also the moment when Olivia took control of the David Rosen situation, which seemed to surprise everyone. I think the general consesus is that Liv doesn’t eff around. And when she says I’ll handle it, you pretty much know that it’s about to go down.

Quote It: Now we can sit here all night twisting my nipples… (Hollis)

2. The Governor’s Wife Screams [Illegitimate] Rape

Aghhh! Why would she do thiiiissss?!?! So, Olivia gets called in to assist the Governor who ran against Fitz in the Presidential election. She, apparently, destroyed him in the election and now he needs her help to sorta, kinda cover up the murder of the man who was “raping” his wife… and by “raping” I mean “hittin’ that on the regs.” Anyway, I thought this was such a great storyline! Shonda Rhimes really took a risk, IMO, because this is such a big issue right now and there’s great sensitivity and concern for the issue of rape and the way it is understood in politics. So to have this plot centered around a woman lying about rape and then using it for her husband to obtain a certain political advantage? Crazy. But the craaaziest part was that they got Olivia involved just to get her back for those 4,359 votes they lost, LMAO! This dude knew about the affair his wife was having with their contractor the whole damn time.

Revenge-y like a mother****, right?!

Quote It: “Rape.” Such a gorgeous word (The Governor).

3. Huck Gets A Girl

So many of us have been rooting for Huck and we were all getting our ‘awwww’ on when he ended up holding hands with the chick from his AA meeting in the last episode. And now they’re officially dating! Cuteness! He was so annoyed when everybody started intervening, lmao!

And then they went on the cutest, creepiest, coolest date ever. Huck just needs a girl who understands that he likes to watch strangers having dinner together. Isn’t that what we’re all looking for? Seriously. Wait… what?

Quote ItWhere do you… take women? (Huck)
You’re asking me where I put the lotion on their skin or else they get the hose again? (Harrison)

4. Cyrus’s Husband Has A Follow-Up Question

Damn Cyrus! You really shoulda given your hubbie that big fat baby he wanted. Now look at him– all up in your work space, lmao! I loved every second of these two on-screen together. We so rarely get to see them together but now that James has gotten his old journalism job back, I think he’s gonna make it a point to sort of punish Cyrus by screwing with the one thing he holds sacred– his j-o-b. How effing funny was their back-and-forth banter during the press conference; James had a question, Cyrus didn’t wanna answer, James had a follow-up question, Cyrus doesn’t do follow-up questions. They were so cute… and volatile, lol. Loved it!

Quote It: I’m working late, don’t wait up.
No, I’M working late, YOU don’t wait up!

Okay, and sidenote. How ’bout that moment when Cyrus went off on Mellie?! No one has ever been able to shut that woman down… it was kinda awesome, lol!

And soooo many Quote Its!
If your water breaks, change your pants and cross your knees.
You may be an animal, but I’m a monster (okay, Lil Wayne! i.e. Okay you’re a goon but what’s a goon to a goblin?)
Mellie, do not ever speak the word Defiance in my presence again.

Love Cyrus! Love Mellie! WTF is Defiance?! Aghh?!

5. Abby Is Goin’ Dooooown/Did They Seriously RIG The Election?!?!

Yo. I don’t wanna see the next episode. Like, seriously. I don’t wanna see Abby and Olivia going head to head. I DON’T. In a way, it’s almost like they’re too much alike (which is why they lurve each other). They’re both very confident, smart, and a little bit lonely sometimes, lol. So when Abby realized that Olivia had done David dirty (by setting up that bull-ish meeting with the phony contact) I felt kinda bad for her. Because she’s really feeling David… and she still has her own questions about Quinn and the bombing.

But Olivia… does not handle betrayal very well. And I do not wanna see how she responds to this. Did you see her face when she found out that Abby was snitching! Look up the phrase I’m About To Cut A Bitch in the urban dictionary and this is what you’ll see:

No definition. Just that face. Closed eyelids and all that. Abby’s been feeding David information that is very specific to Olivia Pope & Associates so she’s gonna have some ‘splaining to do. Or Huck’s gonna have to take care of her. One or the other, lol.

Now, about this whole election voting booth scam thing. WTF IS THIS?! I refuse to believe that Olivia did something… bad. She’s not… bad, right?! But remember when she and the Supreme Court judge were having their little heart-to-heart and the Judge was all like Hollis made dreams come true for all of us? I don’t know what these people are– they’re like the damn Initiative, lol. I can’t! And I just can’t believe that MY Olivia would have been caught up in some grimy ish. She’s the Ultimate Good Guy.

Quote It: I don’t like when the bad guys win (Olivia… see?!)

Can’t wait to hear what some of your fave moments were! And WTF do you guys think Olivia and the Roundtable have been getting into? And when’s Fitz coming back? Waaahhhh. Love him.

Oh, and good news! PITNBR Thomas sent me this link; Scandal is officially getting a full season (a total upgrade from last season’s 7 episodes), which means more episodes, more recaps, and more Kerry Washington face.


  • Lulu

    SO glad it’s a full season!

    Damn right Cy should have just given him that big fat baby. lol. Heck.. I want a big fat baby to snuggle too ;)

    I refuse to believe that Olivia helped to rig a freaking presidential election! What!! No….

    I like David, I do…. and him and Abby are so cute.. But shit is going to hit their fans. Why wouldn’t she have talked to Olivia first! ugh.

    I was totally laughing about changing your pants and crossing her knees. Only a woman in labor would understand how impossible that would be. :)

    Oh.. and buddy rape/no rape guy is a Fabio knock-off in that pic. lol.

    • Shannon

      Lulu, big fat babies make life happy– and Cyrus is gonna have to pay, lmao!

      ‘Fabio knock-off’ LOLOLOLOL!

  • nicole

    Abby is a goner haha Liv is going to destroy her in one way or another- and i cant wait for it.

    Huck stole the episode for me, when he was asking where to take a girl & the reservations. freakin adorable! i just wanted to hug him.

    all i know is i wouldnt want to mess with Fitz, that man is a BOSS! 100% G right there haha.
    shits about to get real on Scandal.

    • Shannon

      nicole, sh*t’s indeed about to get real on Scandal. I can’t wait to see what happens when Fitz gets back :) And yes, Huck’s budding romance is the best, lol!

    • nicole

      crap i ment Cyrus was boss! blah..ruins my whole comment :( we’ll pretend this never happened. i guess i just had Fitz n the brain haha

    • Shannon

      nicole, it made sense to me cause I totally had/have Fitz on the brain. But yes, in terms of g-dom, Cyrus is the man, lol!

  • Yasmin

    Can I just say that I love Shonda Rhimes’ casting choices? It’s like she picks actors from all of my favourite shows and finds nice little awesome parts for them.
    As for this episode, I’m very scared. There’s honestly a part of me that doesn’t want to know what exactly they have been up to… And I’m wary of Hucks new lady. I may be too suspicious but the whole “meeting a woman at a meeting who just happens to be a good fit to my special kind of crazy” seemed too convenient. (Ok, maybe a meeting is the only place where you could meet such a person.) And as much as I like Abby and David together, she really did betray Olivia. To be honest, Abby always seemed to be a little too idealistic to work for Olivia. And I for one could do without Fitz.

    • Shannon

      Yasmin, whhhhaaaaaaat?!?! No Fitz?! Okay, so I gotta know– who would you choose for Olivia??? And you make a good point about Huck’s new girl. She clearly has issues (not that he doesn’t, lol) so we’ll have to see where it goes. At least if she’s up to something, Huck will most likely know… or already does, lol.

    • Yasmin

      Fitz is kinda bland. Sorry lol! I don’t think we have met anyone who really up there with Olivia. Not necessarily in terms of scheming and fixing, but in general. And maybe some who doesn’t need her help, professionally speaking. But that would probably make for very boring TV.

    • Shannon

      Yasmin, oooohhhh I see what you mean. I’ve thought a similar thing about Fitz– that it’s really the fiery personalities around him that make him interesting (Cyrus, Mellie, Olivia). It’s almost like, he can’t be too personable, too interesting, or exciting, or brilliant otherwise he wouldn’t be the President. So I get what you mean– he’s not on Olivia’s level. But she LOVES him, so I gotta love him too, lol.

  • Courtney

    Shannon I was SO sure you were gonna talk about that death stare Olivia gave the assistant when she saw her before the governor went out and had his press conference! It was the “Bitch please dont speak” look. As a crazy baby moms I was impressed….

    I’m also ready for Fitz to get back!

    • Shannon

      Courtney, LMAO– Oh, that would have been a great moment! That assistant was working my nerves too. She was the worst.

    • Vincent

      Hi Shannon! Thanks for joining in the 18+ Follow! XOXO Yes, yes, yes, yes! I can tell that we are going to be fulobaus book buddies! LoL I am obsessed with Sinners now, Brian and Trey *lesigh*Oh, new follower too! *G*