Buffyverse Alums Alyson Hannigan & Seth Green Reunite On The Set Of ‘How I Met Your Mother’


Squeeeeee!!! Today was a great day for fans of the Buffyverse! Two of the actor show played a couple of the most beloved characters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer reunited in Hollywood … and then shared the lurve on Twitter. Alyson Hannigan (who played Willow) was reunited with her BtVS co-star Seth Green (who played Oz, Willow’s first boyfriend on Buffy) on the set of her current show How I Met Your Mother. First came the tweets, then came the photos … which you can read and see below.

From Aly: I’m in the makeup chair again and next to me is @SethGreen !!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!! Reunited and it feels so good!!!!
From Seth: Spending the day with my favorite costar @alydenisof on #HIMYM

It’s hard to focus on the fact that Seth will be guesting on HIMYM (apparently) and it’s equally difficult to focus on Aly’s beautiful new hair’do (wow) because OMFGGGGGGGGGGG!!! WILLOW AND OZ ARE TOGETHER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Amanda

    Squeal! This makes me so happy!

  • Hannah

    That’s not a new hair do, that is college Lilly from flashbacks.

    • Kate


  • Jessica

    Why hasn’t this happened before? Great idea for how I met!

  • al

    now if only sarah michelle gellar would guest star, it’d be great if she ended up being the “mother” for how i met your

  • Shannon

    This makes me inexplicably happy :)

  • ClaireMichelle

    Errrmehhgerrrd!! This episode of HIMYM might kill me!!!!!! And yes, @Hannah is right. That’s a wig used when the show flashbacks to Alyson’s character in college. No new hairdo. ;)

  • Yasmin

    I can’t wait for the episode to air! And it makes me really happy to share my happiness here. I don’t think anyone im my RL would understand why this picture just made me smile :)

  • Lindsay

    The Witch & The Werewolf = LOVE!!