Amanda Bynes Spent Election Night Getting A Manicure, Not Giving A F*ck About The Election


A few weeks ago there was a rumor going around that Amanda Bynes’s strange behavior had taken a new turn when she reportedly got all naked and inappropriate at a tanning salon in NYC. The report is false, apparently, because Bynes is suing the tabloid that published the story. Today we hear another odd tale of Bynes behavior but this story involves no nudity at all. According to this new report, Amanda Bynes spent the week hours of Election Night getting her nails did … at around 2AM cuz, why not. Read on.

Around the same time Barack Obama was making his acceptance speech, unpredictable actress Amanda Bynes appeared in a Manhattan nail salon after midnight for a touch-up. “She was wearing Nike Jordans with leggings and had a Chanel purse across her chest,” said a spy. Also in the near-empty, 24-hour Park Avenue parlor was Janelle Snowden, a correspondent for VH1’s “Big Morning Buzz Live.” But sources say Bynes was not in a talkative mood. “Janelle was trying to make small talk with Amanda because it was election night, an exciting night, and also it was like, ‘How awkward, there are so few people in this place in the middle of the night.’” But Snowden was “roundly rebuffed,” our source says, adding Bynes,“shot her a look like, ‘If you speak with me one more time, I will knife you.’ ” Snowden — who was at the salon late because she was heading to cover the Soul Train Awards the next day — said on “Big Morning Buzz” that Bynes was overheard explaining at the salon that she had stopped in for the last-minute primping in preparation to meet a male companion.

While I never really considered Amanda Bynes a particularly politically-minded person, I guess I’ve always hoped that she might at least care somewhat about the governance of this great nation we live in. Now, just because Amanda is at the nail salon at 2AM, it doesn’t mean that she’s not a civic-minded person. Maybe she casted her vote early in the day and was so bizzy with errands (and cupcake staring?) that she only had time to get her nails did at 2AM? I dunno. But clearly, Amanda Bynes is still behaving strangely and it’s still cause for concern. For a few seconds and now, I’m over it. Whadda ya think she’s gonna do next?


  • Angelique

    This story rubs me the wrong way. I don’t really give a crap about Bynes but I clicked just to make sure there wasn’t some quote/evidence that she actually doesn’t care about the election.

    I did my nails on election night too…. After I voted. Just cuz a girl wants to pass some time gettin nails did doesnt mean a thing and if I was Bynes the last person I’d wanna talk to is an entertainment news broadcaster, not really strange behavior.
    I just don’t get why this has to be news at all…… Next up Bynes walks past baby without smiling…..hates all children.

  • SFG4Life

    I have to agree that this is a stretch. For all you know, she voted absentee weeks ago.

  • Jennifer Wilson

    if she went to a 24 hour nail salon at 2am…the poles would have been closed. no big. i actually did a ton of stuff that day, including baking cookies and going out to pho. but we have mail in ballots here, so i voted in october.