Watch: Lady Gaga Releases A Self-Obsessed Video For Her Collaboration With Kendrick Lamar


This so weird you guys. So, remember a while back we heard about a Lady Gaga/Kendrick Lamar collaboration? I was pretty excited because Gaga is supposed to be a huge Kendrick fan, and I was expecting the song to be all kinds of cray. But then I heard rumors that the song (a track called Partynausous) was not happening. Apparently Gaga came out and said that she was ‘not willing to compromise musically to the changes his team was making to my music.’ So Kendrick got another person to sing on the track for his newly-released album good kid, m.A.A.d city. So– all that weirdness aside– Lady Gaga goes ahead and shares the original song (which sounds more like a demo) with her vocals on Twitter in a video that features hella footage of Gaga being Gaga. No Kendrick. On Kendrick’s song. Just Gaga. And okay, maybe I’m overreacting by calling it ‘self-obsessed,’ but it just seems really, really weird. And self-obsessed. Peep the video above and join me inside… I’m still raging, lol.

First off, here’s my fave reaction to this song from Thushan Shrimpton at Hypetrak:

b*tch don’t kill this song! b*tch don’t kill this song! b*tch don’t kill this song!

LMAO. But I honestly like the song, and this is the demo version. Now, y’all know I’m into Gaga and, although other people have done it plenty, I’ve never felt the need to call her self-obsessed (not even after those comments about Adele’s weight) until now! This is Kendrick Lamar’s song! What is this video?! I’m so mad. I don’t even know why, lol. Probably some lefotver rage after that Rihanna/Chris Brown collab… but I also feel like Lady Gaga could have made this more about Kendrick (especially since she backed out of the collaboration for his record). He is an up-and-coming artist and could have used some positive Monster hype. But whatever.

Okay, if you like those other Kendrick songs we’ve heard (like the one with Drake, and the ill Janet Jackson sample,which I luuuuurved) go here to download Kendrick’s debut album (I’m doing it right now… so pumped!). Everyone is saying the album version of the song is much better anyway. So there. Oh, and Kendrick still loves him some Gaga, so I’m sure it’s all good between the two of them. She and I have beef right now though, lol.


  • ClaireMichelle

    What. I mean… What. So, basically she shuts the song down but then decides she likes it again and just passes it off as her own. Cool. Cool, cool, cool.

    • Shannon

      ClaireMichelle, okay?! YES. Exactly. Madness.

  • Diva

    What, this is what made you decide she was self obsessed? Not the several hundred other self obsessed, try hard things she’s done or said in her career? =/ I’m not surprised by it. Kendrick’s album is great w/o her and that’s all that matters =)

    • Shannon

      Diva, LOL! I know it sounds funny, but I just never wanted to be cliche and call her self-obsessed. But now she has wronged my Kendrick Lamar… so yeah. In this moment, she is totally self-obsessed.

      And you’re right about Kendrick’s album. I’ve been listening to it since I wrote this and he is such a breath of fresh air!

  • miguel

    SHANNON…DUUUUUUDE, ‘good kid, mAAd city’ has been giving me LIFE!! listen to it from start to finish on blast, it’s a STORY, such a great record.

    • Shannon

      miguel, YES! Been listening to it since I posted this. I haven’t been able to really peep the whole narrative, but I love what he’s doing.

  • Sam

    Bitch just totally killed my vibe with this ish