Watch: Ke$ha Releases A Music Video For ‘Die Young’


Back in September we got our first listen of Ke$ha’s new single Die Young, the first from her forthcoming new album Warrior. In October, we saw photos from the music video shoot for the song. Today, we get to see the finished music video in full. It would appear that Ke$ha is all about symbology these days … the video is rife with symbols and glyphs that are meant, I’m guessing, to look edgy. I’m hoping her use of the pentagram is a nod to heavy metal imagery (even tho the song is nowhere near metal territory) and not an incorrect nod to the “black arts” (when, in fact, the pentagram has nothing at all to do with any evil purpose). The overuse of crosses and triangles seems to be a joking shout-out to the Illuminati … but it’s neither inventive nor clever. Still, I like the song and the video, mostly. What do y’all think? Does this video make you want to Die Young … or just kill yourself for having wasted your time?

  • Lulu

    Oh I love it. lol. She is who she is, you either love her or hate her. And it IS Ke$ha, so it’s probably not worth delving into what the symbols mean. I’m sure someone just thought they looks bad ass. heehee

    • @Lulu — “I’m sure someone just thought they looks bad ass” hahaha, you’re prolly right ;)

  • Joanna

    This is perhaps the best I’ve seen ke$ha look in a long time. She’s looking less “dirty” and more Christina Aguilera in her sexy “Dirty” phase. The video to me doesn’t fit the song but then again it is Ke$ha and nothing she does is all that conventional. Great song nonetheless.

  • KiTX

    I love this song- but the video does not seem remotely related to it at all. Like, at all. Oh, Ke$ha. I just can’t quit you. But I miss the Van Der Beek, can he come back for the next one?

  • tabitha.

    I love this song but I thought the video was a disappointment. It reminded me of a terrible version of Scissor Sisters “Invisible Light”, which was messed up in a good way. Ke$ha’s video was just boring.

  • Brenna

    I think she looks amazing but the song is fun and upbeat and the video is dark and kind of scary.