Jermaine Jackson Is Changing His Name To Jermaine Jacksun


Now, I know that Shannon usually writes up the That Ish Cray posts around here but today, boy, do I have a doozy of Cray Ish to blog about. Jermaine Jackson, of the world famous Jackson family, has decided to change his last name … for artistic purposes, he says. Instead of being known as Jermaine Jackson, the singer wants to be known instead as Jermaine Jacksun. Yes, folks, this is real life.

Jermaine Jackson has filed a request to legally CHANGE his last name … trading out “Jackson” for “Jacksun” … TMZ has learned. Jermaine filed a petition for a change of name with L.A. County Superior Court yesterday asking for the change in nomenclature. In the docs, Jermaine says he wants to make the change for “artistic reasons” … but he does not give any further details about the move. The request has NOT yet been approved by a judge — but a hearing has been scheduled. Barring any crazy legal situations, Jermaine will be required to have his name change announced publicly several times in the next couple of months before it can be made official. A public announcement consists of having the name printed in a local publication … just like Ron Artest had to do when he changed his name to Metta World Peace. We reached out to Jermaine … so far, no response.

Yeah, I don’t even know what to say about this … at all. Do you?


  • ClaireMichelle

    Hahaha. What?? I can’t even with this.

  • Shannon

    LMAO. Between this and those adorable Kenyan babies, you are KILLIN’ the ‘That Ish Cray’ stories! This is nuts.

  • LiQue

    this family is really fucked up and I thought mine had issues

  • Erica Croce

    If he feels so strongly about divorcing himself from the Jackson family name, I’m sure there’s no way he’d feel good about accepting the family’s money…oh wait…

  • Ella

    Why is he orange???

  • Matthew

    Well he did name his son Jermajesty. So this Jackson obviously got all the name-making talent in the family.

    All future Jacksons should be required to get the stamp of approval from Jermaine before anything goes onto the birth certificate.

  • miguel

    LMFAO…does he seriously think this will help his “art”?…

  • JCZ

    What is that sound?

    Oh, it’s of no one caring Jermaine.